News from AILA's National Board
27 April 2021 - Jasmine Ong, AILA National Director 
State Chapter executive elections are open May through to July 2021. Join us at our May monthly Member Connect series as we focus on AILA Chapter Executive Nominations. Learn about how you can get involved, the difference you can make, and the professional development opportunities that being part of an AILA Chapter Executive can bring... READ MORE →

12 April 2021 - Claire Martin, AILA President
April is World Landscape Architecture Month (WLAM). Established by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), WLAM is a month-long international celebration of landscape architecture and designed public and private spaces. And it is great to start the month feeling energised by the extent of collaboration that we are witnessing and participating in across the country, the Asia-Pacific region, and the world... READ MORE →

29 March 2021 - Peta-Maree Ashford, AILA Vice President
I write this message filled with optimism and enthusiasm for our profession. We have been so lucky, after 14 months of zoom meetings the AILA board was finally able to meet face to face for our quarterly board meeting.  The AILA National Board found a small window devoid of quarantining to meet in Hobart with the Tasmanian Chapter... READ MORE →

15 March 2021 - Katharina Nieberler-Walker, AILA National Director
Greetings Colleagues, AILA and you as its members can be pleased to be ahead of the curve in terms of striving for people, health and environmental sustainability on the basis of social and environmental justice. The renewed AILA Strategic Plan is to be finalised shortly and has embedded this social and environmental justice... READ MORE →  

01 March 2021 - Chris Tidswell, AILA National Director and Company Secretary
Dear AILA Members, what a start to the year it has been – February has come and gone and summer is officially over! Welcome to March. Joe Biden is the new US President and has plans to re-enter the Paris climate accord, coronavirus has not been as prevalent within the Australian community and the COVID-19 Vaccine is starting to be administered (30,000 as of the day I write this) – all things are looking great for Australians and especially the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects. Below are a couple of updates from AILA. READ MORE →

15 February 2021 - Jasmine Ong, AILA National Director
祝您牛年快乐! Happy Year of the Ox! We are 45 days into 2021. Whilst Covid has thrown us many challenges, it also presents opportunities for landscape architects to take stock and reassess our priorities and role in building more liveable cities, connected communities and equitable green spaces. READ MORE →  

01 February 2021 - Claire Martin, AILA National President
The time has come for us to collectively reflect on our own versions of landscape architectural practice - how are we taking climate positive action? Over the last few months, what we have known for many years has been further evidenced through several Australian reports. READ MORE →

19 January 2021 - Peta-Maree Ashford, AILA National Vice-President
Happy New Year to you all.  I hope you each had a rewarding festive season and found ways to recharge. Being WA based, I was able to get away to Rottnest Island and stay home, and was both busy and lazy - so all boxes ticked.  I did receive a pair of runners for Christmas though so perhaps a little too lazy.  READ MORE →

07 December 2020 - Katharina Nieberler-Walker, AILA National Director
Dealing with the Christmas rush last year I could not have imagined the vastly different world we are living in today. I could have never foreseen the global shutdown that would transpire nor how this would affect my professional career. Read more

23 November 2020 - Chris Tidswell, AILA Director and Company Secretary
The AILA national board has had our first few Board Meetings since the new group was formed and positions decided. Following the last meeting the board met with state chapter presidents and have aligned ourselves with different national working groups to enable conversations and ensure collaboration across AILA.  Read more

9 November 2020 - Jasmine Ong, AILA National Director
The re-election of two directors Claire Martin and Katharina Niebeler-Walker to the AILA board, with Peta-Maree Ashford and Chris Tidswell re-elected to the respective roles of Vice President and Company Secretary adds continuity and stability to AILA’s governance. Read more.

26 October 2020
Hi to all AILA Members. Over the last week the board has received messages of support from landscape architects and allied organisations and professionals across all sectors, in Australia and overseas. Read more.

20 October 2020
AILA announces new President. 
Victorian-based Landscape Architect Claire Martin has been elected as President of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA), with Peta-Maree Ashford and Chris Tidswell re-elected to the respective positions of Vice-President and Company Secretary. Read the full press release here.

28 September 2020
AILA has a very exciting period of time upon us. Ordinarily October signals the forthcoming AILA Festival which brings us all together across the nation to learn and connect. Read more

14 September 2020
The AILA Elections are upon us and its great to see the breadth of experience in candidates seeking election and re-election. Put simply if we don’t have a great AILA we don’t have great landscape architecture in Australia, and the continuance of quality corporate governance is essential. The best of luck to all candidates, and for members please ensure you scrutinise the candidates to ensure you vote for candidates that best align with your perspective and bring the best to AILA leadership. This is my final Director’s message after being continuously involved with the AILA National Board at an executive level since 2012.. Read more

31 August 2020
Dear AILA Members, we all have a special affection for Victoria and feel for those affected by the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Our hearts go out to all those currently battling the circumstances and those who have tragically lost their loved ones... Read more .

17 August 2020
COVID-19 was first confirmed in Australia in late January 2020, since then we have seen 22,000 cases, over 360 deaths, and one million Australian’s have lost their jobs. Around 70% of infectious diseases that affect people start in animals... Read more.

3 August 2020
I took the opportunity to tune into the AILA SA + NT Awards on Friday which clearly demonstrated the variety and enthusiasm in the industry and quality of landscape projects in South Australia and the Northern Territory. Read more.

20 July 2020
I hope this director’s message finds you all well.  AILA has received positive feedback from those attending our online awards, presentations and CPD programs. Read more. 

6 July 2020
Firstly I am looking forward to the judging the AILA National Awards in the next month. Read more. 

21 June 2020
Greetings from St Lucia in Queensland on the shortest day of the year. Read more. 

8 June 2020
It is important to reflect on recent events including the 2020 National Reconciliation Week and Sorry Day, the legal destruction of a 46,000-year-old Aboriginal heritage sacred site, and the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in cities and towns across Australia and the world. Read more.

25 May 2020
The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects have shown incredible resilience through these tough times. Read more. 

11 May 2020
The morning I write this directors message is Mother’s Day and my family have a ritual to celebrate this day. Read more. 

27 April 2020
Hi all and hope you are safe and well. Key messages in this world of change... Read more.

14 April 2020
Personal and social values, business practices and the way of living as we know it will be affected by COVID-19. How this will play out is hard to foresee in this complex interconnected world. Read more.

30 March 2020
It is particularly important at this time, when we have lost the opportunity to connect with members face to face, that we ensure our communication is clear and consistent. Read more.

19 March 2020

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects wishes to acknowledge that at this difficult time the health and well-being of our staff, members, partners and community is foremost in our minds. As such we have been considering our response to this unprecedented situation.
Read more.

17 February 2020

The appointment of our new CEO, Ben Stockwin (previous message from AILA) is exciting news and although his appointment won’t commence until 6th April but I wanted to assure members that it is business as usual.
Read more.

3 February 2020

AILA directors have worked tirelessly during the holiday break to progress the recruitment of a new AILA CEO after Tim Arnold’s resignation late last year. Read more.

20 January 2020

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead. Read more.
June 2017 - 2019

30 July 2019

I am writing this message from the United Kingdom (UK) where earlier this year MPs in the UK Parliament approved a motion to declare an environment and climate emergency. Read more. 

16 July 2019

The middle of the calendar year is upon us and winter has set in. There is so much has been achieved, with plenty of exciting opportunities ahead of us. Read more.

2 July 2019

I have often heard the saying ‘you get out of life what you put in’ and in truth, while I understood the sentiment, I never really thought about the reward it implied. Read more .

18 June 2019 

The Board was elected in October 2018 and I thought would be good opportunity to provide a report card on our performance to our members over the last 6 months.  My fellow Directors wanted to be known as action based Board hopefully we are on the right track! Read more.

4 June 2019

The AILA Board met on 24 and 25 May in Sydney – watch this video to get an update from AILA President Shaun Walsh. Watch here  

23 April 2019 

AILA's Election Platform: We Need your help. 

The Federal Election date has been set for 18 May and now we have 4 weeks to enact the election and advocacy program prepared by AILA. Read more.

9 April 2019 

In coming weeks AILA will be distributing a platform and templates in preparation for the Federal Election. Read more. 

26 March 2019

It is up to us to make it happen. 

Evidence clearly demonstrates that time spent in nature has significant benefits on our mental, physical and social health and wellbeing. Read more. 

26 June 2017

Firstly I wanted to note what a privilege it is to be appointed by the Board as the Chair of the CEO Selection Panel, having been on the selection panel for our current CEO in 2013. I take the responsibility of behalf of all our members very seriously to work with the panel and Board to ensure we have a candidate of at least equal capability and energy that we have experienced over recent years with Shahana. Read more

18 April 2017

It is with delight that I advise that the landscape architecture profession has finally made it into the pinnacle of new media in Australia! The Beetoota Advocate is a tongue in cheek Australian publication reputedly based in the real ghost town of Betoota in far western Queensland, and regards itself as Australia’s oldest newspaper. Read more.

3 April 2017

This week we launched the 2017 International Festival of Landscape Architecture: The 3rd City. This was a fantastic event with industry, government and media representatives at The Calyx, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney. The Festival will be presented in Sydney from 12-15 October and aims to attract over 3,000 participants across 30 industry and public fringe events. Read more.

20 March 2017

It was a pleasure to escape Sydney’s grey skies and unrelenting rains and head to Perth over this past weekend for the AILA National Board’s quarterly face-to-face (F2F) meeting. As always, we had a full agenda to work through. Fortunately, our schedule allowed for a bit of time out on Friday evening when we joined in the WA Chapter’s St Patrick’s Day gathering at the Leederville Sporting Club. Read more.

6 March 2017

At the end of February, Infrastructure Australia released their priority projects for 2017. Disappointingly, not one of the projects in the top 100 recognises the value of green and blue infrastructure planning in supporting resilience in our cities. Read more

20 February 2017

It’s almost impossible for any Australian to have lived through these last few months without experiencing the adverse effects of the extreme heat events that have occurred across the country – both regionally and in our urban centres. Read more

23 January 2017

Happy New Year and welcome back as 2017 gets off to an exciting start. I hope everyone was able to engage with a landscape, see/hear/experience something new, and enjoy a relaxing and refreshing holiday break. It’s promising to be another big year! Read more

19 December 2016

The AILA National Board of Directors met in Sydney this week. The five-member board, with a breadth of experience in the public and private sectors plus academia, is well placed to raise the profile of the profession, broaden our involvement in planning and execution, and contribute to both government and the community at large. Read more

5 December 2016

As the year moves definitely towards a close it would be remise of me not to acknowledge the contribution our membership has made in continuing to guide, reshape and charge the organisation forth to reach new goals. Read more

7 November 2016

Last week’s 2016 Festival of Landscape Architecture, “Not In My Backyard”, delivered a thought provoking and inspiring program of presentations, panels and provocations from artists, scientists, architects, philosophers, colleagues in practice and from academia. It was truly an invigorating two days! Read more

24 October 2016

What a week ahead! There is high anticipation and excitement as we approach the Festival commencing on Friday this week, and like me, I hope you have your boarding passes and Festival planned out, and look forward to catching up with friends – new and old. Read more

10 October 2016

When an entire state is shut down due to a freak weather event it literally provides some precious hours to put modern life into perspective. With absolutely no power, there were no traffic lights, street lights, phones, phone connections, media, entertainment, ipads, computers and for a short while even social media…so it was candles, stories, an open fire, a nice bottle of red wine and marshmallows at our place. Read more

26 September 2016

The 2016 Festival of Landscape Architecture is going to be the largest gathering of landscape architects ever in Australia and it’s great to see so many members and industry professionals travelling to our nation’s capital for what is going to be an incredible couple of days. Read more

12 September 2016

Voting is now underway for the new AILA Board, and I ask that all members consider all the candidates and vote accordingly. Your vote is very important for the future of AILA.Read more.

29 August 2016

I had the absolute pleasure of attending our 50thparty last week at the Brickworks studio in Adelaide’s Hindmarsh Square. It was a rousing, fantastic celebration, and to be held simultaneously around Australia was amazing! Read more

15 August 2016

Friends and colleagues, I am always inspired when I meet landscape architects that are passionate and interested in the world regardless of which end of their career they are at. Read more

1 August 2016

Friends and Colleagues,“In the field of public policy, if human feeling cannot trump mathematical calculation, we are danger of becoming a mere economy rather than a society, digits on some economist’s spreadsheet rather than human beings living in actual communities’. Read more

17 July 2016

Firstly I’d like to offer my congratulations to the re-elected Turnbull Government, and AILA looks forward to working with the new government across a range of advocacy issues. As members will be aware, AILA presented the major parties with our position on many issues prior to the election. Read more

5 July 2016

After the longest election campaign in generations, Australia has spoken. The challenge now is to work out what we’ve collectively said… It is clear that we are entering interesting times, and as the results of #ausvotes firm up and a minority/majority government is formed, AILA will continue to advocate on many of our positions and policies, including living cities and green infrastructure. Read more

20 June 2016

As we approach the final weeks of the Federal Election campaign, the announcements from all the parties are now well and truly flowing. Read more

6 June 2016

It was with a great deal of excitement and pride that I was on the jury for Australia’s Best Playground, and despite a very impressive field, Nature Play at Royal Park, was announced as the winner last week. Congratulations to the City of Melbourne’s Skye Haldane and the design team on the winning project! Nature Play is located adjacent to Melbourne’s new Royal Children’s Hospital, and was applauded for its responsive design – to the local heritage of place by focusing on the seven season of the Wurundjeri as well as respecting the highly valued character of Royal Park, and by encouraging patient and staff interaction. Read more.

9 May 2016

As many of you would know I follow and comment on cities regularly. I recently started re-reading a great little book called ‘Landprints’, a collection of the late George Seddon’s finest essays from his many books as well as his early Landscape Australia essays. Seddon had a seductive method of exploring notions of place through a landscape lens. In his 1979 essay, ‘The genius loci and the Australian landscape’, he discusses the internationalisation of cities, and laments the loss of their unique landscape qualities, replaced by ubiquitous, globally available tree species, with the resulting ‘…homogenising effect all over the global supermarket…reducing regional diversity in urban form, architecture, food, dress and even vegetation’.  Read more.

26 April 2016

I was reminded by Prof Richard Weller last that we may now live in the ‘epoch of the Anthropocene’. Nature (the respected journal), way back in 2004, defined ‘Anthropocene’ as ‘the period of time which human activities have had an environmental impact on the Earth regarded as constituting a distinct geological age…most scientists agree that humans have had a hand in warming Earth’s climate since the industrial revolution – some even argue that we are living in a new geological epoch, dubbed the Anthropocene.’ Read more. 

11 April 2016

This month is World Landscape Architecture Month, organised by our friends at the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). The celebration of our work worldwide using the hashtag#WLAM2016is an opportunity for all of us in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia to participate and show the world how the profession shapes our communities. Read more 

29 March 2016

Your national council took to the tracks in early March, traveling by train from Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station to Geelong to meet local AILA members and students, and to have our 1st face to face council meeting for 2016. Read more.

14 March 2016 

Green infrastructure is a critical component of making better cities, addressing the issues facing our society including continued economic growth, healthier cities and greener cities. Read More

29 February 2016

The Guardian Australia reported last week that Adelaide is pulling ahead of Sydney and Melbourne as Australia’s greenest city (“Australia’s greenest city: Adelaide pulls ahead of Sydney and Melbourne”, Friday 12 February). Read more

15 February 2016

Your institute hosted industry leaders from over 50 industry organisations on Wednesday 10th February at Parliament House in Canberra, which included addresses from the Minister for Environment and Local Government, Paul Fletcher; the Opposition Minister for Cities, Anthony Albanese; Australian Greens MP, Adam Bandt and the Assistant Secretary, Cities and Built Environment Taskforce, Kate Lych. Read more.

1 February 2016

Holidays, for most of us anyway, are now probably a distant memory. If you’ll indulge me though, I’d like to share my experiences from my recent sojourn… Our recent family drive, the annual trip to Sydney and the Central Coast of New South Wales (to places with quaint names such as Woy Woy, Patonga, Pearl Beach and Budgewoi) from Adelaide, is a comforting reminder of the diversities of the Australian landscape. Read more.

16 December 2015

In my role at the City of Adelaide I have been fortunate in recent days to hear directly from our Lord Mayor, Martin Haese, who attended the talks with South Australian Premier Jay Wetherill, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, about the hard work, tenacity, and exemplary efforts by many across Australia and the world to ensure a positive outcome from the Paris COP21 talks for the planet. Read more

4 December 2015 

As I have noted in previous newsletters, cities are (still) back, baby. I was fortunate to attend the Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA) Great Cities last week, coinciding with the first meeting of the new National Council in Sydney. Read more

23 November 2015 

It has been a very tough week in Europe and further afield. The events in France continue to occupy our thoughts, and as a society we clearly abhor the violent and senseless loss of life. We stand with the people of France in solidarity. Read more

9 November 2015 

As landscape architect and head of the new School of Architecture and Built Environment, Sueanne Ware, said recently in the Newcastle Herald: ‘The public is not a cohesive, single-minded entity; it is a diverse, often contradictory body of communities and disparate groups of individuals, so in the provision of public buildings and public space, why do we insist on the similar processes of engagement and procurement regardless of diverse and complex contexts?'. Read more

26 October 2015

Hello friends and colleagues, following the recent Festival, This Public Life, I am reminded of the welcome to country by Auntie Diane, where we were asked to feel the earth down by the banks of the Yarra beneath our bare feet, the connection to country. Read more

10 October 2015 

After a little over two years, about 100 weeks (even less when you take out holidays) the term of the current National Council and my time as AILA National President is about to come to an end. Read more

28 September 2015

The Australian political landscape has changed with a new Prime Minister and the announcement of a Minister for Cities and the Built Environment (which to me sounds a lot like the Minister for Landscape Architecture). Read more

14 September 2015

It may be over a year away, but already the AILA 2016 International Festival of Landscape Architecture is exciting landscape architects across the world. Read more

31 August 2015

The new AILA awards program was adopted last week during the National Council teleconference. Thank you to all members who provided input to the development of the new awards program in particular the members of the Awards Review Taskforce. Read more

17 August 2015

Last week AILA made a submission to Infrastructure Australia advocating for inclusion of green infrastructure priorities in the 15 year Infrastructure Plan for Australia. Read more

3 August 2015

With early-bird tickets for the Festival of Landscape Architecture: This Public Life (15-18 Oct, Melbourne) closing last Friday, the response from the membership has been incredible with 70% tickets already sold to the annual event. Read more

20 July 2015 

All the AILA Annual Chapter Meetings are now complete and new Chapter executives have been elected. Congratulations to new office bearers and already we can see the energy you are bringing to AILA. On the election front don’t forget nominations for National Council close noon 24 July 2015. Read more.

6 July 2015

It has just clicked over 17 months since I joined the Institute, and boy has it been a busy time! As the National President is currently on holidays in northern WA, he asked that I provide a short update to you all on what we’ve achieved in the last 12 months, and what we’re looking forward to. Read more.

22 June 2015

End of financial year is a busy time for landscape architects. Amidst all the rush to wrap projects and budget planning, don’t forget it is also time for AILA membership renewals. So far the response from members has been terrific with over half of you already renewing your membership. Read More

8 June 2015

In most states nominations for chapter elections are closing over the coming weeks. It has never been a better time to be involved in AILA and the new chapter executives will have the opportunity to make key decisions for AILA over the coming years. Read more

25 May 2015

2015 is a year of leadership change for AILA. Whilst the broader public are often concerned about change, landscape architects are constantly dealing with change in our professional lives as we seek to make our cities and landscapes better places. Read more

11 May 2015

AILA membership continues to grow with AILA currently having 2,300 members. This was one of the updates National Council received at a teleconference last week. The following are some of the key resolutions from the Council meeting. Read more

27 April 2015

The 2015 Festival of Landscape Architecture has officially been launched. On a brisk Melbourne evening, over 100 landscape architects, students and members of the Melbourne design and open space community attended the launch in the HASSELL rooftop garden. Read more

13 April 2015

World Landscape Architecture Month is already in full swing. For those active on social media you will have seen many projects uploaded featuring the 'Designed by a Landscape Architect' promotion card tagged with #WLAM2015. Read more

30 March 2015

Over the past few weeks I have discovered how advanced the planning for the 2015 Festival of Landscape Architecture is. Read more

16 March 2015

Last week the National Council came together in Hobart and looked back over the last 12 months of achievement and sharpened our focus for the future. Read more

3 March 2015

Advocacy and profile raising of landscape architecture can take a variety of forms. AILA has been active in a number of initiatives recently which shines a spotlight on our profession. Read more

16 February 2015
There has been a lot of talk lately about the future direction for Australia. Now is also a good time for AILA to be considering the future of our profession. Read more.

30 January 2015
Recently AILA received some fascinating data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ 2011 Census of Population and Housing: 2,963 Australians identify themselves as a landscape architect or as an urban/regional planner. Read more. 

19 January 2015
2015 is already shaping up as a big year for AILA. Hopefully you feel energised for the year ahead after an enjoyable festive season. Read more

17 December 2014

Well, what a year it has been! I am heading into this Christmas holiday season feeling inspired, elated and quite emotional about the AILA we see in front of us today.Read more.

8 December 2014

It is sad to hear of the passing of Richard (Dick) Clough last week. We have lost another of the great pioneers of AILA and the profession in Australia and our thoughts are with his family and loved ones. Read more.

24 November 2014

Over the past week the IUCN World Parks Congress has taken place in Sydney with approximately 5000 in attendance. The AILA Pop-up Park was featured at the Congress, designed by RMIT’s Office of Urban Transformations Research, who won the design competition earlier this year. Read more.

10 November 2014

Yes the rumours are true – the new AILA website is live. Hopefully you agree the new look reflects the dynamic and progressive culture of Australian landscape architecture. Members also benefit from the new website design. Read more.

23 October 2014

Landscape architects across Australia have been challenged to take action and elevate the profession to its rightful place. A clear message I took away from the Festival of Landscape Architecture was: we have a central role in improving liveability and sustainability but our contribution is largely going unnoticed. Read more.

Green infrastructure is a critical component of making better cities, addressing the issues facing our society including continued economic growth, healthier cities and greener cities.
Green infrastructure is a critical component of making better cities, addressing the issues facing our society including continued economic growth, healthier cities and greener cities.
Green infrastructure is a critical component of making better cities, addressing the issues facing our society including continued economic growth, healthier cities and greener cities.
Green infrastructure is a critical component of making better cities, addressing the issues facing our society including continued economic growth, healthier cities and greener cities.

26 April 2016