News from AILA's National President - 10 November 2014

Yes the rumours are true – the new AILA website is live. Hopefully you agree the new look reflects the dynamic and progressive culture of Australian landscape architecture. 

Members also benefit from the new website design. The site is fully integrated with AILA’s new business system so you can participate in live forums, register for events, login and update your membership preferences and engage with a wealth of other resources. It is a complete rebuild of the website (it even works on mobile devices and smart phones) so there will be items that will continue to be added to the site as it is reconstructed. As always feedback is welcomed so please send your thoughts to

The new website is just one way AILA is actively promoting and defining the profession. It has been interesting to see how the perceived role and skills of landscape architects has been changing in recent times. The Festival of Landscape Architecture has contributed to this change in perspective. The following are a couple of examples of how people are viewing the evolution of Australian landscape architecture. The first is a terrific piece in The Conversation written by Naomi Stead and the second is a podcast from The Architects who dedicated a show to the Festival of Landscape Architecture.

These two examples remind us of the broader community interest in our profession. We all have a role to play in promoting landscape architecture to ensure our thoughts heard. The new website is a terrific tool for AILA and individuals to inform people about landscape architecture. Hopefully it becomes a regular reference point when showcasing the profession to clients, collaborators and the public.