National President's Message - 25 May 2015

2015 is a year of leadership change for AILA. Whilst the broader public are often concerned about change, landscape architects are constantly dealing with change in our professional lives as we seek to make our cities and landscapes better places.

I am both excited and jealous of the opportunities that await the new National Council and Chapter Executives. The reforms within AILA over the past few years have created a solid foundation for AILA to represent landscape architecture in Australia. Growing the profile of the profession and advocacy for change will be key focus areas for AILA and we need industry leaders to drive this change. The incoming leaders will also be in the fortunate position to be central to the 50 year celebrations of AILA in 2016 which includes the IFLA regional congress at the 2016 Festival of Landscape Architecture.

The following are the key dates for National Council and Chapter elections

Nominations Open

Nominations Close



Mon 2 Feb 2015

Tues 30 June 2015

Tues 14 July 2015


Wed 20 May 2015

Fri 5 June 2015

Mon 15 June 2015


Thurs 28 May 2015

Thurs 11 June 2015

Thurs 25 June 2015


Mon 18 May 2015

Fri 5 June 2015

Fri 26 June 2015


Tues 26 May 2015

Tues 23 June 2015

Tues 30 June 2015


Mon 25 May 2015

Wed 10 June 2015

Mon 29 June 2015


Mon 11 May 2015

Mon 25 May 2015

Tues 9 June 2015

NSW has already completed their chapter elections and are benefitting from the new energy and ideas the new chapter team have brought to the roles. Gareth Collins, the NSW president, works in state government (as do other members of the chapter executive) and it is terrific to see diversity on AILA chapter executives. In the past there has been a perception that government members might have issues speaking out on behalf of members regarding government policy but AILA now has processes to successfully deal with this issue.

As always I encourage all members to take an active role in AILA so please give serious consideration to nominating for positions. I would also encourage you to consider fellow landscape architects who you see as leaders of the profession. AILA benefits from a cross section of member involvement which reflects the diversity of the profession. It doesn’t matter if they have been involved in AILA in the past as fresh ideas and perspectives are extremely valuable. Rather than nominating yourself, it might be a case of contacting a person who you believe could make a valuable contribution and encouraging them to nominate whilst also offering to provide them support if needed.

For further information on the roles and responsibilities of state chapters please see the newly adopted Conduct of State Chapters Policy

It will be exciting to see which members nominate as there is a terrific diversity of skills within the profession. Please feel free to contact myself, National Councillors, Chapter Presidents or AILA staff if you need any further information. It is a great opportunity and I’m sure there will be fantastic candidates.

Mark Frisby

AILA National President

Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

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