National Presidents Message - 28 September 2015

The Australian political landscape has changed with a new Prime Minister and the announcement of a Minister for Cities and the Built Environment (which to me sounds a lot like the Minister for Landscape Architecture). AILA has joined other industry bodies in welcoming the new Prime Minister and the Honorable Jamie Briggs MP to the position of Minister for Cities and the Built Environment. Between now and the federal election next year there will be many opportunities for AILA to be engaging with the federal government. Proposed initiatives such as the Park Campaign and the 2016 Green Infrastructure Summit will be opportunities to advocate for landscape architects as well as influence the formulation of government policy. Let’s see where things go over the coming year.

This week’s newsletter includes a significant milestone for AILA with the draft AILA Constitution being released for member review and comment. A lot of work has gone in to the draft which has been released to coincide with the Festival so the 400+ landscape architects in attendance have a forum discuss the draft. The draft constitution proposes a series of reforms to address current needs (an example of this is adding recognition of state chapters), changes to address legal requirements and changes that are aimed at creating a strong foundation for the future of AILA. It is an important document and it would be great to hear from as many members as possible – detailed submissions are great but feedback can also be as simple as expressing support with the direction it is heading or making recommendations for changes in a specific area.

It’s only a few weeks left until the Festival of Landscape Architecture and there are only a few tickets left – don’t miss out. Over the past few months the creative directors have been extremely busy working on an extensive program of public events which people can attend without having to buy the full festival ticket. Many of these events have only recently been added to the Festival website so once again get in early or you might miss out.

One of the events taking place during the Festival will be the 2015 AILA Annual General Meeting will be held at 12:30pm, Friday 16 October (which is open to all members). I would encourage you to have a look at the Annual Report which is available on the website. In addition to the usual financial reports, this year’s Annual Report includes highlights of the previous financial year from the Chapters and National Committees. It is a terrific summary of activities that have been taking place as well as illustrating the fantastic contribution so many members make to AILA. As always feel free to raise any thoughts you have when reviewing the report.

Mark Frisby FAILA

National President

Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

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