Directors Message - 07 December 2020

Katharina Nieberler-Walker, AILA National Director


Dealing with the Christmas rush last year I could not have imagined the vastly different world we are living in today. I could have never foreseen the global shutdown that would transpire nor how this would affect my professional career.

Now, in November in Brisbane bright summer blooms are showy and the air is getting hotter and heavier with humidity. Lazy festive days are within reach and the appeal of Australian beaches beckon.  I feel better, grateful and inspired by the natural beauty around us.  

As we approach the end of this year it is important to find the positives, while putting 2020 behind us. This may sound a little cliché but it is important to ‘find your positives’. I do think there is real value in acknowledging the moments of clarity we have gained.

While you could wish this never happened you should take time to look beyond the negatives and find and acknowledge some of the silver linings of this enduring cloud especially now that a vaccine is on the horizon. Whether you look at it from a macro level such as how Australia has handled the pandemic or how the Victorians stoically stamped out a second wave down to your local community level and the new friends and acquaintances you made on those morning/evening walks, to spending more time with your family and finding and adapting to new ways to work while in lock down.  

Personally, I lost my leadership position of 15 years in the corporate world – a crisis beyond my imagination. Yet I chose rebuilding from scratch as a positive. It has bought out a different strength and capacity in me to reimagine the future in brilliant colours of hope and anticipation. It set me on a path of creative energy and purpose. 

Optimism for the future is all around us - an invitation to feel lighter and hopeful. As we are about to enter summer it is a timely reminder for all of us to embrace the sunshine not just literally, but in our outlook too.

Wishing you a delightful and peaceful festive Season.

AILA National Director
Katharina Nieberler-Walker