Directors Message - 15 March 2021

Katharina Nieberler-Walker, AILA National Director

Greetings Colleagues,

AILA and you as its members can be pleased to be ahead of the curve in terms of striving for people, health and environmental sustainability on the basis of social and environmental justice. The renewed AILA Strategic Plan is to be finalised shortly and has embedded this social and environmental justice.

AILA is an organisation where people are action focused, where our members together, strive for the betterment of a society co-existing in a sustainable environment. We are proudly passionate, action packed and keen to progress our environmental and social agendas.

Current AILA activities include the recent Fellow nominations, EOI for a new Connection to Country Committee, International Women’s Day profiles, a hardworking Climate Positive Design working group, and a soon to be relaunched Future Leaders and Emerging Achiever awards programs. AILA staff recently engaged with Relationship Australia to learn about the Employment Assistance Program whereby staff experience difficulties at work or privately can seek confidential, free counselling to provide support when it is needed.

The State Chapter face to face events and newsletters enable all members to ‘virtually’ tap into AILA events nationwide. The variety of learning and knowledge sharing opportunities are for all members no matter where you live and if you check in online, these events are free! 
The AILA Board will have their first face to face meeting in Hobart, 18-19 March and very much look forward to be able to talk across the table, hear from AILA TAS Chapter in person and enjoy the experience of Hobart.

AILA is looking forward to sharing the Strategic Plan with you all in the very near future! Best wishes to you all for 2021, designing a society that is socially and environmentally just!

Katharina Nieberler-Walker
AILA National Director