Privacy Policy

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects collects and stores information on its members as supplied by its members. The purpose for collecting this information is to assist with delivering against AILA’s stated objectives, in particular to supply benefits to members:

  • Advancing the study of landscape architecture and the related arts and sciences;
  • Promoting and encouraging the development of urban and rural areas on sound principles of landscape design;
  • Bringing matters affecting landscape architecture to the notice of government, municipal and other authorities, public bodies and associations and the officials thereof, in all parts of the Commonwealth of Australia and elsewhere;
  • Raising the character and status, advancing and safeguarding the interests of the profession of Landscape Architecture;
  • Increasing the confidence of the community in the employment of recognised landscape architects by admitting as Corporate Members to the Institute only such persons who have an adequate knowledge of both the theory and practice of landscape architecture;
  • Improving the general and technical knowledge of persons engaged or intending to engage in the profession of landscape architecture, and for such purposes, testing by examination or other means the competence of such persons, granting certificates and providing forthe registration by the Institute of holders of such Certificates;
  • Cooperating with other Institutions or associations or other bodies that have objects altogether or in part similar to those of thisInstitute;
  • Affording means of adjusting professional differences and deciding all questions of ethics, usage or courtesy in connection with the profession;
  • Promoting the friendly exchange of ideas and information among the members;
  • Offering, providing, sponsoring or contributing towards any lecture, scholarship, prize or other award for any research, study, literary contribution or other effort, in connection with any object of the Institute.

Uses of Members’ contact information

In general, membership information is not disclosed to outside parties.

Lists of the financial members (with no contact information) within each state group is made available through publications and the website.

Particular member’s work phone contact information may be made available for reasonable reasons such as in matters related to potential clients wishing to make contact with particular members. However, this level of contact information is not distributed for product marketing or similar reasons.

Members’ practice information is included on the website directories, however each member is responsible for requesting that information be listed, amended or removed within the Practice Directories.

In general, the AILA passes members’ mail information to agreed sources for Institute mail-outs such as for the mailing out of Landscape Architecture Australia, for award nights and other established functions such as seminar series, and several other related publications which have been identified and agreed to as having close relations with members of the Institute. This information is passed to these other parties for the particular occasions of these events or mail-outs on the understanding that the mail-out information is not stored or used for any other marketing or mail-out purposes.