Practice Notes

AILA produces practice advisory notes for members. These notes aim to provide the relevant advisory material members need to help manage their practice and projects. 

Practice Note 1 
A Summary of Best Practice Examples in the Landscape Architectural Application of AS4122 (2010), General Conditions of Contract for Engagement of Consultants

Practice Note 2 
A summary of services provided by landscape architects in Australia

Practice Note 4 
A guide to continuing professional development.

Practice Note 5 
Moral Rights

Practice Note 6
Work Experience

Other Resources

PI Insurance

PI Insurance: JLT Professions

Contract documents

AILA recommends standard AS 4122-2010: General conditions of contract for consultant. You can either search online for AS 4122-2010, or visit SAI Global for the document.

Australian Standards

Playground equipment
Visit the Standards Australia websiteto search and purchase standards documents, or enter '4685' in the search on the Standards Australia homepage.

Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas
Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas: AS 3959

Fee and Salary Guides

Quote from ACCC in relation to professional associations (such as AILA):

'The ACCC recognises the role professional associations play in certifying certain standards to consumers', ACCC Chairman, Mr Graeme Samuel, said. 'However, fee schedules that specify particular fees are likely to result in fees higher than would otherwise be charged, and are unacceptable. Members of professional associations must be free to compete by setting their own fees.'

AILA has no endorsed fee scales. Our fee survey results are available here.

Australian Procurement and Construction Council

APCC: Professional Indemnity Insurance Guidelines in the Building and Construction Industry
APCC website