Director Nominations

AILA Call for Board Nominations 2021

Open: 23rd of August 2021
Close: 5pm AEST Monday 6th September 2021
Board nominations are now open for qualified candidates and experienced members of AILA
At the 2021 AILA AGM, members will confirm the appointment of two (2) directors for a period of two (2) years.


Interested members review the relevant documents linked below
Interested members can review the Member Connect presentation (PDF) for more information
Nominees complete the nomination form here by Monday 6th September
Candidate profiles will be made available on the AILA website  by Friday, 10th September 2021
Full members receive electronic ballot Monday, 13th September 2021
Voting Platform Closes Monday, 27th September 2021 
Elected Candidates announced - Date TBC.
Elected Candidates confirmed at AILA AGM. Date TBC
First meeting of new board - Date TBC

In relation to their duties, Directors shall be and are required to: 

  • act in good faith, in the best interest of the Company and for a proper purpose; 
  • not improperly use their position to gain advantage for themselves or someone else or cause detriment to the corporation; 
  • not improperly use information [obtained as a Director] to gain advantage for themselves or someone else or cause detriment to the corporation; 
  • give other Directors notice of a material personal interest in a matter that relates to the affairs of the Company pursuant to Article 13.6; 
  • use reasonable care and diligence in the exercise of their powers; 
  • monitor and understand the financial position to ensure the maintenance of proper financial records and statutory financial reporting and that the Company does not trade while insolvent. 
  • and any other relevant and applicable duty set out in the Act, this Constitution or the law 

    Directors are elected and appointed as individuals and are not elected or appointed as representatives of any specific interests and must act for the benefit of the Company as a whole, and not in the interests of other bodies or persons and not allow personal interests, or the interest of any associated persons, to conflict with the interests of the Company. 

    The Company intends that the Board to the extent possible, includes Directors that have: 

    - a wide geographical coverage of Australia; and 
    - a mix of skills and attributes, as prescribed by the Board from time to time, that are commensurate with those expected of a person to adequately govern an entity of similar   
    size and complexity and to fulfil the duties pursuant to 13.1(g); 

The following page links and downloadable documentation are relevant for interest in director nominations.

AILA Constitution

Download the AILA Constitution here (PDF)

AILA Strategic Plan

Download the AILA Strategic Plan here  (PDF)
Visit the AILA Strategic Plan page here.

Governance Documents

Visit AILA Governance Policies page here.

Overview of Governance Documentation

A Charter For Australian Landscape Architects
AILA Advocacy Submission and Representations Policy
AILA Constitution
AILA Expenses and Complimentary Policy
Code of Professional Conduct
Complaint Handling and Dispute Resolution Policy
Conduct of State Chapters
Conflict of Interest Policy
Delegations Policy
IFLA Asia Pacific Region’s Landscape Charter
Members Representing AILA on external forums
National Council Charter
New Program Development
Position Descriptions for the AILA Board
Risk Management Policy

Contact Us

Contact the AILA National Office .