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2020 AILA Director Nominations Candidate Handbook

Andy Sharp, AILA
I am a proven collaborator and leader. In senior client-side roles within government, I am responsible for massive public/private investment redefining our cities. Colleagues have characterised me as an urban thinker and design leader capable of making complex city-scale planning and policy decisions using experience-backed judgement, strong management understanding and collaborative delivery models. I have Board experience and capability to act in the best interest of the profession bringing a client-side view to the institute. With 25 years’ experience I believe landscape architects are in a unique position to change the face of urban development focusing on people centric cities.

Matthew York, AILA
Principal Landscape Architect and Director with twenty years’ experience in design direction, green infrastructure and strategic advisory. Passionate about the responsibility of Landscape Architecture in our future cities and regional centres. Education, strategic direction, and advocacy my focus. Lectured and led design studios at RMIT, Melbourne University and Deakin University; aligning academia and industry. Graduated Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD) 2019 furthers my knowledge in governance and strategic direction at board level. Through governance and strategy at board level, I will continue to advocate our leadership role in the design of cities and the preservation of our natural assets.

Grant Revell, FAILA
Grant Revell is a young landscape architect and planner with over forty years of experience working in the public and private sectors. Grant was made a national Fellow of AILA in 2014, and is the founder of the collaborative design ateliers And Studios and {The Listening Foundation}. Ever the focused team player and collaborator. Unsettling at times, but extremely passionate, ambitious, respectful, open, trustworthy and bold. A creative scholar, practitioner, listener and professional colleague to many. A vote for Grant Revell is a vote for a stronger AILA.

Katharina Nieberler-Walker, FAILA
If re-elected I will continue to serve AILA and its members to the best of my ability, raising awareness about the critical role of landscape architects in tackling complex 21st century challenges.  I will listen, learn, engage and represent the AILA constituency by drawing on 30 years of experience as a practicing landscape architect in government and private enterprise. I believe it essential to engage with other professions and universities to build capacity for holistic and evidence-based design solutions that span multiple disciplines. My passion is designing with nature to improve health and wellbeing, while benefiting the planet.

Claire Martin, FAILA
COVID-19 and the climate and biodiversity loss emergency create extraordinary challenges and opportunities for the profession, the university sector and to AILA.  I am committed to helping develop AILA's Climate positive design strategy and increasing our members' understanding of the environmental and carbon impacts of the work we all do. I've learned a lot through my contributions to the board and national committees, and am seeking your support to continue to provide strong governance, leadership and advocacy, to support AILA’s reconciliation journey, and to continue to raise the profile of landscape architecture in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Jasmine Ong, AILA
With over 17 years’ experience as a landscape architect, Jasmine Ong has experience in the UK, China and Australia working on global projects in both public and private sectors. Her work spans from small to large, complex and strategic scale which focuses on the creation of valuable public spaces with a sense of place and environmental responsibility. She is highly regarded in the industry having held the position of an Executive Director at Martha Schwartz Partners, London, where she was responsible for executing the company’s business strategies, implementing comprehensive business plans and providing strategic advice and leadership. 
Jon Hazelwood, AILA
I have followed with interest the reach the smaller and more agile group of National Directors have achieved over the last few years, and I believe I am passionate, focussed and willing to listen and learn in order to continue this work. My working history in small and large practice, will bring local, national and global perspectives to the role and I am particularly interested in pursuing the relationships and associations that AILA can forge in the areas of Horticulture, Nursery, Maintenance & Contracting in order to broaden the influence Landscape Architects can have beyond a policy and strategic level.
Matthew Mackay, AILA
Our opportunity to be influential and realise our purpose has never felt more tangible. Yet complex challenges remain; certainty around registration and legal recognition, an omnipresent need to communicate our profession’s value and critically, growing the next generation of Landscape Architects and a sustainable future for AILA. I hope to strengthen AILA’s vision and strategy, bringing fresh approaches to these challenges. As a leader of ASPECT Studios and previously HASSELL, I will draw upon considerable experience developing practice strategy and vision, whilst uniting people with common purpose, to guide our profession into a post-COVID era of certainty and success.

Nick Ison, AILA
I bring a wealth of experience throughout my years as a practicing Landscape Architect, Design Principal, AILA Registered and AICD Member. I am an active contributor on the National CPD Committee since 2016. I have a passion for leadership, change management and strategy. These skills, passion for people and making sure everyone has a voice, puts me in a strong position to bring fresh insights to the board for the benefit of AILA and members. I believe development of strong strategies can improve the way in which we do business and how Landscape Architecture can grow as a profession. 
Simon Kilbane, AILA
Dr Simon Kilbane is a landscape architect with 20+ years of experience across public, private and academic sectors in Australia and overseas. Simon currently teaches into the Masters of Landscape Architecture at Deakin University and also leads the consultancy, Rhizome. His work focusses upon the intersection of people, place and ecology and specific responses for the profession through Green Infrastructure. His diverse skill set across both practice and education and a genuine passion for the future of landscape architecture make him a great candidate for the AILA Board in a time where big answers to complex questions are increasingly sought.

Ben Willsmore, FAILA
I am passionate about our profession, having worked in public and private practice in the last 20 years. As State President (2015-2019), I led the increase in member engagement through focused advocacy, and built partnerships across government agencies that elevated the influence of our profession in South Australia. As Director, I would promote opportunities to scale the quality of state initiatives and learnings to increase exposure across the country. COVID has shown our ability to adapt new technologies to connect, and the potential for greater efficiencies in delivering more sustainable and engaging conversations on design, stronger communities and the natural environment.

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