QLD News 2021

David Roberts, Advocacy Chair

Hello, I hope you are busy and well into the New Year.  

Landscape Architects are constantly being challenged to accept mediocre results. Whether it is being dominated by Engineering works, tree removals due to ‘inconvenience’ or Local Authorities fast tracking development for the sake of the economy, we are constantly being challenged in many areas.  

Some huge infrastructure changes are underway in the South East corner.

As Landscape Architects our profession has an important and crucial role to protect, enhance and build sustainable communities for future generations.  Engineering and built form are dominating the landscape, and, in some areas, the ‘landscape’ is struggling to keep up. 

Let’s not accept a ‘whatever’ attitude but encourage our Clients, Consultant Teams, and State and Local Authorities to achieve higher landscape standards in our micro and macro developments, in our Cities and across our State. This is done through communication and participation. If you’d like to participate more, there are plenty of opportunities. Contact the AILA office.  

In the words of JFK.

“Ask not what your AILA can do for you – ask what you can do for your AILA”

Have a great week. 

David Roberts
Advocacy Chair

Tessa Leggo, AILA QLD Secretary 

Greetings All from sunny, hot and humid Brisbane.  I’m loving the weather and so are the plants.  With great summer rain, everything is looking green and revitalised.  Over this summer our state has experienced rainfall that has brought relief to areas effected by long term drought, and flooding to others.  But it important to remember a summer of rain doesn’t change long term water patterns and ground water imbalance.  BOM has cited that rainfall deficiencies continue in southeast Queensland and more worryingly, rootzone soil moisture is still drier than average across areas in central and southern Queensland.  

So don’t let complacency sneak in.  Every drop of water is part of our world’s resources and we’re in a privileged position to potentially direct, utilise, and improve this resource.  From the smallest garden to largest infrastructure project, we can make decisions that aid increased permeability and retention of water in the landscape, which is the fundamental basis from which we can grow a vege patch, a streetscape or even a community.

If you’re lucky enough to feel the rain on your head this weekend – celebrate it.  But don’t forget its importance to your work.

Tessa Leggo,
AILAQLD Secretary

Michael Mitchell & Clint Wood, AILA GOLD Co-Chairs 

Hi All & Happy New Year!

We hope all our members, supporters and aligned professional groups are rested, rejuvenated, and are approaching 2021 with a positive outlook.  

Our AILA GOLD committee are excited at the thought of kicking off a few of the initiatives that have been discussing through 2020 and COVID restrictions. Through this period the AILA GOLD Committee have continued to meet as regularly as possible and hope to engage with local professionals and associated industry groups through knowledge sharing events and project site visits.  We will keep you all updated with dates for these events and look forward to your participation and shared learning.

For the year ahead, we look forward to continuing our advocacy with the new Government and allied professionals so we encourage increased member involvement on the Gold Coast.  We will be aiming to strengthen our professional voice and overall presence of AILA GOLD and its members.

As always if you have anything you’d like to raise with the AILA GOLD, please get in touch.
Michael Mitchell & Clint Wood

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