About QFresh

QFresh is a committee set up within the AILA QLD State chapter that is focused on supporting students, recent graduates and members transitioning to registration. QFresh is a voice for all emerging Landscape Architects, concentrating on the events that we want to see, participate in and discuss the issues that matter to us.

Its your FRESH approach!

Our Motto is:
- Communication
- Networking
- Education

If you require any help or need any additional information, please don't hesitate to contact your QFresh Chair  Taneile Nixon via email [email protected]

Contact QFresh
Qfresh Chairs: Taneile Nixon
Vice Chairs: Sara Eckermann and Skye Reid
Phone: 0417 666 622

Email[email protected]
Postal address: PO Box 7342, East Brisbane QLD 4169

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