#backyardexperiment is an observational study of public life. Cameras will be set up to watch and understand how people use a space in three different scenarios; existing, with the addition of moveable chairs and vibrant elements, and with pop-up activations including coffee and gelato stands.

One of the main outcomes for this project will be answering the questions surrounding how the public react and interact to moveable furniture. Can we live in a city that provides more flexibility in the way we want to interact with it. The observations from this experiment will provide knowledge into the public life of Canberra and in particular Garema Place. It will trigger thinking into how the space is used now and reflect on how the installation may change the public environment for the benefit of Canberrans. And therefore how can we change the public domain to bring out the best in our city and its people.

Time lapse cameras will observe the park over its two-week installation. At the end of the installation a video will be put together presenting the conclusions of the experiment.

Date: Mon 17 - Sun 30 Oct

Time: all day

Cost: free

Location: Garema Place, Canberra City

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