NSW Advocacy Corner

05th April 2022

DPB Act - NSW office of the Building Commissioner Update

Members of the Executive recently met with the NSW Office of the Building Commissioner to discuss the current Design Building and Practitioners Act in relation to the profession of Landscape Architecture. The conversation was focused specifically around the key responsibilities required under the current Act and whether this was going to be further expanded upon in future tranches. 
It was made clear that Landscape Architects were considered in the development of the Act however were deemed by the government to sit under the banner of architecture. AILA strongly opposes this position.

The NSW AILA Executive stressed to the office that the importance of including Registered Landscape Architects in the process and expressed concerns in relation to being considered under the banner of architecture. In addition, it was made clear that whilst landscape architects are required to provide input into regulated designs that they are not currently responsible for the delivery of regulated design packages.
Whilst the conversation was short the Executive is positive about the discussion with it establishing an ongoing line of communication between AILA NSW and the NSW Office of the Building Commissioner.