Announcing the Incoming Elected Board

We are very excited to announce the results of the recent election for AILA’s Board. As you would be aware, we received 14 nominations for 5 positions, and voting took place between 1- 15 September.

Thank you to all those who voted, and special thanks to those who nominated. It is with my pleasure that I can announce the new Directors, who will take the reins on October 28 2016.

Sara Padgett Kjaersgaard

I am a Lecturer at UNSW and have practiced internationally and locally in private and State government sectors. For the past year I was a Director of AILA and the Company Secretary; prior to this I was WA State President. These roles have allowed me to diligently implement the strategic priorities of advocacy and profile while also ensuring good corporate governance. As a keen educator, I am a strong advocate for building our next generation of leaders and I believe I have the experience to not only continue to drive the strategic agenda but to firmly represent our diverse member base.

Angus Bruce

I would be honoured to continue to represent AILA and its members, as I have for these last 12mths. My professional experience has given me insights into small and large studio models, practice styles and business types, and the opportunity to connect with the rich diversity of our profession. I continue to work locally, nationally and internationally, from project inception to built outcome, with communities, private and public sector, and on projects of all scales, be they city or country, urban or environmental. I am passionate about our next generation, as well as future industry trends, and the challenges that confront our cities, the environment and our profession. I believe myself to be a strong fit for what AILA needs for the next 2yrs need. Experienced, driven, passionate, focused and outcome biased.

Barbara Schaffer

Barbara Schaffer is a leader, change agent and experienced landscape architect with a passion for guiding the profession and AILA into the future. She believes that landscape architecture is a pivotal profession set to tackle the challenges of the 21st century and sees AILA as a crucial vehicle to deliver this.Barbara is interested in projects and ideas which set a vision and direction for a sustainable future.She has led and contributed to strategies and projects across diverse realms, most recently in her role as NSW Government Landscape Architect, she initiated the landmark Sydney Green Grid, a metropolitan wide green infrastructure project. This project is leading the policy agenda within NSW, forging the way for landscape architecture into the future.

Linda Corkery

Having adopted a new constitution, AILA embarks on an exciting phase of renewal. With long-time involvement in the Institute at state and national levels, I am seeking to contribute to the continuing strategic development of AILA National as a Director on the Board. My career encompasses two key spheres of the profession: practice experience in the US, Hong Kong and Australia, combined with academic leadership roles at UNSW, including former director of the Landscape Architecture Program. As a Director, I will work to strengthen collaboration between practice and academia and actively advocate for the profession at a national level.

Shaun Walsh

I am a Town Planner and Landscape Architect with experience in public and private sector. I am the manager of South Bank and Roma Street Parklands in Brisbane. I have previously worked as Design Manager for PLACE Design Group including domestic and international work. I was on the National Council from 2013 to 2015 which instigated our organisational reform process. I am most interested in bedding down the new corporate governance structure, having been on Constitutional Review Working Group since 2013. I put myself forward as a candidate that is committed to continue the current trajectory of success for AlLA, with the highest levels of integrity and professionalism

The current Board remains in office until the newly elected Board will be sworn in at the AGM scheduled for October 28th 2016 (see below for the notice about the AGM).

Huge congratulations to the above members. On that note, the current Board has been fantastic to work with and made significant progress in re-setting AILA’s vision, its been a pleasure to work with each of you.

Warm regards,

Daniel Bennett

National President & Director

Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

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