AILA's new Charter replaces the The Australian Landscape Charter after extensive review

The Charter has been under review since March 2015, when the Board endorsed the formation of a sub-committee to revise the Charter, specifically the Australian Landscape Principles. The review generated some healthy robust discussion on the purpose of the Principles, and similarly the usefulness of a Charter. It is a singular document that identifies our aspirations and principles as a profession, that people 'adopt' on becoming a member of AILA.

Membership were consulted on an improved Draft in late 2015, which received mostly positive feeback and some useful comments.. This year, the Board reviewed the final draft once again, and made some more changes - settling on the right language, format and terminology was tricky. It is thus with great pleasure that The Charter for Australian Landscape Architects is finalised and endorsed. Please read here.

As an AILA member, by adopting the Charter, you are declaring that you will provide leadership in the planning, design and management of our natural and built landscapes for the sake of our communities and the future health of the planet.

Large thanks are extended to a number of people who have contributed to the development of this improved document , specifically Jerry de Gryse who has steered it through for the past 1.5 years. With Jerry have been James Grant, Julie Marler, and Gareth Collins. Thank you also to those members who valuably submitted feedback throughout the consultation phase, and the various Board members who have debated the merits of the newer versions.

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