Playground Standards in Australia

2016 continues the CS-005 Playground Committee’s dedicated work on the full suite of playground standards in Australia. Progress includes:

  • Standards Australia have published the new version of AS 4422:2016 November 2016. This standard replaces AS/NZS 4422:1996 and is effective as of November 2016. It is titled “AS 4422:2016 Playground surfacing-Specifications, requirements and test method”

  • As the name reflects, this Standard provides a test method to measure compliance of impact attenuating materials under and around playground equipment. It also deals with testing regimes of under-surfacing, and reporting requirements. This process starts at Practical Completion of a playground, so is relevant to Landscape Architects

  • This Standard is now available for purchase from Standards Australia’s online service

  • Standards Australia will soon publish “AS 4685.0 Playground Equipment and surfacing Part 0: Development, installation, inspection, maintenance and operation”. This replaces AS 4486.1:1997. This standard is written for both equipment and under-surfacing, and will apply from the date of publication. This is Part 0 of the suite of playground standards as it encapsulates many playground issues in one document. This is a must have for anyone designing a playground. We will advise members as soon as it is published.

  • The Playground Committee is currently reviewing “EN 16630:2015 Permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment – Safety requirements and test methods”. We may do a direct adoption of this European standard. If you would like to contribute to this new standard for fitness equipment please send your comments to AILA via 
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