Time to Renew our Code of Conduct - Calling for Comments on the New Draft

With the support of the Board, the newly proposed AILA DRAFT Code of Conduct is now out for your feedback and we look forward to hearing from you before November 3rd.

You will find the Draft Code (2016) here, the accompanying Guide to proposed significant changes here, and the current Code (2005) here.

This review enables the Code to accurately reflect AILA’s new constitution and refers to AILA’s suite of governance and membership policies which have largely been put in place in 2014 /2015. It also enables us to ensure the Code accurately reflects the standards required of landscape architects in today’s world. Having last been revised in 2005 - the time is right!

The new template is quite a significant departure from the current Code we have i n place. This is important to all our members - the Code articulates guidelines for acceptable standards of professional practice for landscape architects. AILA’s Board will have regard to the Code when investigating complaints against landscape architects. The Code then is the document which clearly articulates acceptable professional behaviour and therefore unacceptable professional behaviour, and hence provides the mechanism for which a member can be disciplined.

Please get involved, take a read and email through your feedback - it is very important to us.

The proposed changes to the AILA Code of Professional Conduct have been proposed by the Constitution Review Working Group (‘CRWG’) with the support of the AILA Board. The CRWG has five members being Michael Ryan (Chair), Tony Blackwell (WA), Sara Padgett Kjaersgaard (NSW), Shaun Walsh (QLD), and Shahana McKenzie (AILA CEO).

All feedback welcome to admin@aila.org.au by November 3rd

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