The membership category of Fellowship is an honour that AILA may bestow upon Registered members of AILA, and is made in recognition of distinguished service to AILA and/or the profession in Australia. 

The criteria for fellowship are:

  1. Distinguished service to AILA and/or
  2. Distinguished service to the profession of landscape architecture in Australia at either/or both a national and state level.

Nomination process

  1. The AILA Fellow Nomination Form is to be completed by two registered members acting as Proposer and Seconder
  2. A 'Citation' is to be completed by the Proposer and Seconder, and is to accompany the completed AILA Fellow Nomination Form
  3. The completed nomination form and citation, along with a CV (if possible) are to be presented confidentially to the relevant State Executive, for the purposes of verifying the information, providing any additional supporting information, and supporting the nomination
  4. After the State Executive has endorsed the nomination, the completed nomination form and citation, along with a CV (if possible) are to be forwarded via email AILA’s national office at admin@aila.org.au
  5. AILA National Council will evaluate the nomination at their next scheduled meeting
  6. If approved, the Nominee is invited to accept Fellowship, and communication of this invitation is to come through the State Chapter
  7. On acceptance, the membership is advised through publication on AILA’s website


Nominations can be received at any time, but the nomination will only be submitted to National Council for consideration at the next scheduled meeting. If timing of a decision is important, it is strongly encouraged that those preparing the nomination be aware of the dates of scheduled National Council meetings, including the dates in which papers are due for those meeting. This information can be obtained from AILA’s national office at admin@aila.org.au

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