NSW Advocacy

AILA NSW has an Advocacy Working Group with the following members - Gareth Collins, Noel Corkery and Julie Lee.

Guests are encouraged to discuss particular issues. A new Committee will be formed and members sought as each new executive is created biannually.

AILA is represented on:

  • Built Environment Committee (AIA)
  • Bays Precinct Reference Group
  • (PCAL) Healthy Planning Expert Working Group
  • GSC Environment Panel
  • Greater Sydney Design Alliance (NSW Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Planning Institutes and the Committee for Sydney)

23 May 2019 - Sydney Olympic Parklands - Future Directions 2030 Framework

Link to the Heritage Group letter to SOPA
Link to the SOP Future Directions Framework

8 May 2019 - AILA Landscape Heritage Report

Link to the AILA NSW Landscape Heritage Report

30 November 2018 - Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link Submission

Link to the AILA NSW Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link Submission


21 September 2018 - Everyone Can Play Submission

Link to the AILA NSW Everyone Can Play Submission

23 February 2018 - Greener Places Submission

Link to the AILA submission to Mr Peter Poulet, NSW Government Architect, NSW Department of Planning & Environment

Link to the draft policy

15 December 2017 - AIA and AILA submit Joint Response to final draft Greater Sydney Regional Plan

See Attachment

See link for more information https://www.greater.sydney/draft-greater-sydney-region-plan 

12 December 2017 - Draft Greener Places Policy Launched

AILA NSW supports the release of the State Government’s Greener Places policy and welcomes the opportunity to review it and provide formal feedback.

Several AILA members had the opportunity to contribute to the drafting of Greener Places and played a significant role in it’s development.

NSW and Australian cities are some of the greenest cities in the world, they are also some of the fastest growing in the developed world. If we do not enhance and improve our urban green infrastructure commensurate with our city’s growth, then we will lose a major part of why people love to live here.

The connection to nature – to vegetation and all its benefits - is vital for people to lead healthy and enjoyable lives. This shouldn’t involve a drive to some distant park, but should be on our doorsteps, in walking distance, so we can stay fit and healthy and there is a fair choice for everyone to use parks and greenery, wherever they live. Greener Places supports this approach and provides excellent guidance and evidence.

AILA NSW calls on the government to put some practical measures in place to deliver the Greener Places approach. Every development plot should include street and roadside trees to make our streets cooler and more attractive. Every residential growth area should include new parks of all scales and sizes from small local pocket parks and roof gardens to major greenways and recreation spaces. Western Sydney, our fastest and biggest growth area, needs substantial ‘Centennial Park sized areas’ set aside for the future and for its residents. It is hard to imagine how much ‘poorer’ Eastern Sydney would be without Centennial Park.

All Governments at all levels take note - if we adopt Greener Places and integrate Green Infrastructure into all our towns and cities we will be investing in the future. Our places will be more resilient and better placed to deal with climate change. They will be more productive. They will be happier places to live.


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28 November 2017

Response received from NSW Planning & Environment in response to the AILA NSW feedback on the New England North West Regional Plan

AILA NSW feedback on New England North West Regional Plan (15 March 2017)

Response to feedback from NSW Planning & Environment(28 November 2017)

13 September 2017

Response received to the F6 Extension letter written on 26 May 2017 to The Hon. Melinda Jane Pavey, MP

Letter send to The Hon. Melinda Jane Pavey, MP (26 May 2017)

Response received from Kevin Anderson, MP (13 Sept 2017)

5 July 2017

Open letter sent to NSW Premier from TEC in relation to maintenance of adequate levels of green space in Sydney. AILA one of 16 supporting signatories.

Read the letter here

15 June 2017

Architects and Landscape Architects oppose Parramatta North subdivision plan. 

The NSW Chapters of the Australian Institute of Architects and Australian Institute of Landscape Architects have joined forces to reject the subdivision of a significant heritage site in North Parramatta that includes Cumberland Hospital and the former Female Factory.

Read Media Release Here

6 June 2017

Mark Tyrell, Gareth Collins & Emily Forrest met with senior advisors from Minister Ayres Office. Minister Ayers was really keen to help produce a liveable city in the west not a collection of separate objects.

He wants to see through the successful delivery of Westconnex. Our main take away was he would like our help and support in the form of reviewing policy or programs of work.

14 April 2017

Response received to letter dated 3 March 2017 sent to Minister for Roads, Maritime & Freight, Melinda Pavey to re-examine Clear Zone standards for a cooler and more beautiful NSW.

31 March 2017

District Plans Submission

AILA NSW review and comment on the GSC District Plans can be found here

22 December 2016

Response to Medium Density Design Guide

AILA NSW feedback submitted to the Medium Density Design Guide. This guide has been prepared by NSW Department of Planning & Environment to help achieve better design outcomes for low rise medium density housing.

Read submission letter here

19 December 2016

MEDIA RELEASE: GSC Environmental Panel Report

15 peak professional, environment and academic groups release environmental vision for Sydney

Major environmental professional, community and university groups have banded together to produce an environmental vision as part of the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) planning process.

The ‘Environmental Panel’ was co-convened by Total Environment Centre and Rod Simpson, GSC Environment Commissioner. Its members included the Green Building Council, 100 Resilient Cities, Landscape Architects Institute, National Trust and Institute for Sustainable Futures. The 85 page report addresses 15 key environmental features from waterways to climate change to energy efficiency and local character.

See Media Release

See Full Report

November 2016

District Plans

Greater Sydney Commission District Plans have been released for review. The AILA NSW Advocacy Committee will be reviewing and putting a submission together. Submissions due March 2017.


NSW Architecture and Urban Design Policy

  • Policy sent through for feedback – September 2016
  • Noel Corkery and Julie Lee attended meeting to supply feedback on 8 November
  • Feedback delayed to 2017

4 November 2016

Sydney Olympic Park Master Plan 2030

Submission made via Planning & Environment site on 4 November 2016.

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23 September 2016 (updated 10 October 2016)

Over 5000 design and planning professionals support a greener, sustainable design based vision for Sydney

In a rare alliance of the planning, architecture, landscape architecture Institutes and the Committee for Sydney, the design quality of our fast developing city is being addressed. The Institutes support a design vision for Sydney that responds to the natural and cultural qualities of our unique place in the world.

Sydney is developing at a rapid pace. It is vital that we consider the legacy of our work in managing this growth. As an alliance we support the Sydney Green Grid, generous open space and an urban design approach to development. We are calling on governments and organisations to create a beautiful, green, natural city that accommodates population density and its necessary infrastructure, in a way that creates well connected, healthy and economically thriving communities with a sense of place related to our natural and cultural heritage.

Wednesday 5 October was the UN World Habitat Day. Through this design vision, the Greater Sydney Design Alliance is proud to be supporting the ‘United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities’. [Gareth Collins, AILA NSW President]

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20 September 2016

MEDIA RELEASE: AILA NSW Recommends Proper Process of Assessment of Significant Tree Removal

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) NSW recommends that a proper process of assessment of significant tree removal and avenue tree lopping should be undertaken by the utility companies so that the quality of our streets and our green spaces does not suffer. Opinion piece submitted to media 20 September 2016.

Read more.

20 September 2016

Emails to newly amalgamated Sydney Councils

Letters sent to new consolidated councils flagging the importance of Landscape Architects in new council organisational structures. Example letter here.

19 September 2016

Letter sent to Minister for the Environment and Minister for Heritage,The Hon. Mark Raymond Speakman, SC MP

In reference to the Sydney Morning Herald article dated 18 September 2016 'The 1000 trees being assessed for potential removal by energy companies' and significant tree lopping of 100's of native trees in Sydney streets, a letter was sent to the Minister for the Environment and Minister for Heritage, The Hon. Mark Raymond Speakman, SC MP on behalf of the AILA NSW President, Gareth Collins, expressing his recommendation for a proper assessment process.

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16 August 2016

Living Cities Summit

Held at The Mint – Sydney. Speakers and presentations included:

  • Dr Caroline Butler-Bowden, Acting Executive Director, Sydney Living Museums - Welcome and Purpose - The Living City & Green Infrastructure
  • The Hon. Rob Stokes, Minister for Planning – Financing the Living City
  • David Borger, Sydney Business Chamber – Incentivising Local Government Green Infrastructure Projects
  • Tom Grosskopf, Office of Environment & Heritage - Integrating and assessing green infrastructure in projects
  • Michelle Cramer, Lendlease – Turning the Grey to Green
  • Tim Williams, Committee for Sydney – Panel Discussion
  • Gareth Collins (AILA NSW President)

Outcome is a five-point plan for NSW. Final Report has now been published.

June 2016


  • Letter sent to the Hon Darren Chester MP and the Hon Duncan Gay from Daniel Bennett dated 26 May 2016 in response to WestConnex
  • Response letter received on 13 July 2016
  • Meeting with Peter Jones, Project Director and Tom Kennedy, Urban Design Director at Sydney Motorway Corporation and three Advocacy Committee members. AILA letter having significant effect on outcomes of Stage 3. Improved consideration of green space, visual impacts on the community and the improvement of Victoria Road as a city street and public transport corridor.
  • Shahana McKenzie and Gareth Collins attended meeting with Michael Dobbie (Advisor to the Minister for Infrastructure & Transport) in Canberra on 7 November

Trees along the Cooks River – MD16/4171

  • Email sent to the Minister for the Environment, the Hon Mark Speakman SC MP about the tagging of trees along the Cooks River
  • Response received via email 26 October 2016 from CRISTIEN HICKEY, Director Metro, Regional Operations, Office of Environment & Heritage
  • Communication has been forwarded to the Department of Industry, Resources and Energy for their consideration.

May 2016

Greater Sydney Commission Lunch & A conversation about our city

  • Briefing and discussion between GSC and Institutes. Presentation from Lucy Turnbull and CEO. Conversation from AILA and AIA president on need for design lead vision for the metropolitan area.
  • Greater Sydney Design Vision Workshop – held 28 July 2016
  • GSC - Environmental Panel
    • GSC Environmental panel 21 July 2016 (workshop 1)
    • Discussion paper submitted 3 Aug 2016
    • GSC Environmental panel 3 Aug 2016 (workshop 2)
    • Environmental panel position paper 22 Aug 2016
    • GSC Environmental panel 25 Aug 2016 (workshop 3)
    • Workshop 4 scheduled for 13 October
  • Submission for the Environment Panel Advisory Paper made 2 November 2016.

February 2016

A Masterplan for Growing Western Sydney

  • Meeting with Rob Stokes held on 11 February 2016
  • Letter sent to The Hon Rob Stokes, Minister for Planning 29 February 2016. Letter details AILA’s advice on how they can assist in promoting Western Sydney’s livability and build a design narrative for its future. Proposal to redefine Western Sydney as a park – a ‘Parkland City’
  • Response letter received
  • Western Sydney Masterplan recommendation published
  • Response: Meeting with Gary White & Peter Poulet

Eastern Suburbs Light Rail project

  • The current issue with the Light Rail project is around the removal of some mature fig trees along Anzac Parade.
  • Suggestions for relocation of light rail made to AILA NSW
  • Investigations made into the content of the EIS (early 2013) and the potential for relocation in 2016. Project proceeding in line with EIS.

Letter re Barangaroo Hotel/Casino

  • AIA and AILA joint letter to the NSW Premier, the Hon Mike Baird on 6 July 2016 focus on the disappointment to our two Institutes that the final outcome of the Barangaroo Hotel/Casino proposal is the negation of harbourside public open space.


Letter to Newcastle Light Rail

  • Submission to the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) for the Newcastle Light Rail Project on 27 May 2016
  • Response sent 15 August 2016
Ongoing NSW Projects
Ongoing NSW Projects