News from the NSW Executive - 5 June 2018

The recent AILA Fresh Meet was another fantastic and welcomed event in the AILA calendar, with over 40 AILA Fresh members mixing it up with a number of senior professionals. It was great to see that AILA’s version of speed dating still packs a punch. It was no doubt an event that everyone took something away from, regardless of what side of the table that they sat on.

Again, we wish thank our event sponsors, Andreasens Green, Gosford Quarries and Street Furniture Australia for their respective contributions and enabling quality events , that continue to spread our shared knowledge and experiences.

The AILA Fresh Meet set the tone of for the coming month, which has more than its fair share of events pencilled in. Make sure you save the date for one, if not all of the following events:

12th of June - AILA NSW Awards Exhibition at the Genia McCaffery Centre, The Coal Loader

14th of June - Best Practice Surface Water Management with ACO

26th of June - Aspect Studios, Fleetwood Urban & Andreasens Green – present Ian Potter Children’s Wild Play Garden.

5th of July - AILA NSW Awards Night - The Ivy

We want to keep the momentum of quality events coming into the next quarter and beyond, and we (AILA NSW) are seeking interest from practices and studios to host a salon studio in the coming months. It’s an opportunity to share your knowledge, experiences and awesomeness!

We recognise that knowledge, experiences and awesomeness isn’t limited to the established practices, so we would also like to extend this invitation to the smaller scale practitioners; for the emerging and young practices that don’t have the spatial capacity to host, we will find a venue, you just bring along a project, a concept or a narrative.

So hit us up and email our team on the following if you are interested:

Chapter Manager : Margot Streater

Have a great day!