News from the NSW Executive - 23 October 2018

The Executive continues to review and comment on a number of policies: Mark Tyrrell and Margot Streater participated in the leadership forum held on the Gold Coast the day before the recent AILA Festival; In NSW, the launch of the Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan will be combined with the Sydney Ochre Grid event on 29 November; comments on the CPD Framework are due end of this month and discussions on the Strategic Plan 2018-2022 and High School Engagement continue.


As mentioned in these newsletters, Executive meetings are open to member participation. Michael Spackman from Spackman Mossop Michaels took this opportunity to present and test a proposition for greater awareness of the Frontier Wars by asking if and how landscape architects could contribute to a better understanding of this little known but critical part of Australia’s history. Michael and his team have been asked to keep developing the idea while Executive explores it too.


Also reported previously, the Executive was pleased to hear from a group of landscape architects practicing on the north coast of NSW. Enduring issues were raised ie how to better engage regional with city practitioners with the go-to-fix being more events organised by the regional groups and supported by AILA. However, what was exciting was the high level of leadership and engagement these practitioners are experiencing at a local and regional level. How can AILA NSW help the members build on and share that good work? The CPD Framework can be seen as being city centric program with a propensity for CPD events in the city, which is a perennial concern for regional members. Broadening the CPD program with more web based content is currently being explored.


Maintaining and improving AILA’s relevance and influence is a persistent mission. State chapter work is informed by the National Office and by you as an AILA member. Please, go to the AILA website, consider the policies framing your organisation and provide your comment to the National Office or via the NSW Executive, possibly in person (let Margot know ahead of time as seating is limited).

Lee Andrews