1 May 2018

The best light for architecture

WE-EF presents new LED projectors

Thanks to LED technology, the presentation of buildings, monuments and landmarks is being taken to a new level. Completely new, dynamic and tailored lighting design has become possible. WE-EF, the specialist for exterior lighting solutions, has redesigned its range of projectors and is now presenting the FLC200 as an independent range of LED projectors for the special requirements of showcasing architecture.

The FLC200 series has a modular structure and comes in four basic sizes with different wattages, tunable white and RGBW/RGBA variants for coloured lighting, and profile projector functionalities. In addition, the projectors can be precisely adjusted to create the desired lighting effect, using optical accessories such as wallwash and flood lenses, honeycomb and glare shields, and snoots.

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27 April 2018

WE-EF Illuminates a Rare Piece of Architectural History

The Piece Hall in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England, is the only remaining example of an eighteenth century northern cloth hall, a prestigious building where trading of woollen cloth “pieces” produced by handloom weavers took place. It was intended to create a more competitive and efficient market, discourage fraudsters as well as make a statement of the wealth of Halifax and the importance of the cloth trade during that time. The building combined commercial and cultural values of the surrounding community by creating this vast and highly prominent building, and those values continue in its use today.

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