Directors Message - 18 June 2019

The Board was elected in October 2018 and I thought would be good opportunity to provide a report card on our performance to our members over the last 6 months.  My fellow Directors wanted to be known as action based Board hopefully we are on the right track!


Quite a few of these outcomes could only have been achieved due to the initiatives established by the previous Board and efforts of our CEO and National Office. Our Board is also committed to completing ongoing tasks as outlined by the AILA National Strategy, to ensure focused and effective use of our resources and stable and ongoing Corporate governance


  • Budget stability for 18/19 and projected for 19/20 following financial loss in 17/18
  • Constitution reform including staggered terms for Directors, gender neutrality and inclusion of Acknowledgement of Country
  • Formal re-engagement between AILA with the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) for the 19/20 FY onwards with international membership communications and participation to flow on to all our members
  • Preparation of new Communications Strategy
  • Launch of new AILA Website, supported by the Landscape Architect Projects Website
  • Contractual review of Foreground including improved recognition of  AILA in content and enhanced performance metrics
  • Call for the Green Infrastructure Strategy (near completion)
  • Launch of most federal Election Strategy based on Living Infrastructure that empowered our members and provided a collective voice that we can embed in our culture for all elections moving forward
  • Establishment of the Gender Equity Working Group as well as ongoing implementation of the Caring for Country Committee


Our key priorities moving forward:

  • Development and implementation of the High School Engagement program with hopeful initial roll out later this calendar year as part of high school career program
  • Review of the process for Fellow nominations - and reforming National Honours Committee to undertake review and commence roll out of People Recognition Program
  • Finalisation of the Continuing Professional Development Policy, and roll out of a new national co-ordinated service provider model
  • Induction for new State Chapter Executives including rolling out standard reporting template
  • Support for the International Festival of Landscape Architecture  “The Square and the Park” in Melbourne.


On a personal note I wanted to note the that Board recently considered a paper prepared by a member to commence an AILA Parents network which is a proposed digital peer network to support parents in the profession juggling parental and career responsibilities – the Board is currently consulting with state chapters concerning the initiative.  However the key point I wanted to raise that a member has taken the initiative to raise a possible program to benefit members for consideration by the Directors.  As a member based organisation we are proud to be responsive to these type of submissions.


Shaun Walsh
AILA President