Directors Message - 16 July 2019

The middle of the calendar year is upon us and winter has set in. There is so much has been achieved, with plenty of exciting opportunities ahead of us. 


Festivities are held across Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. AILA encourages members to attend events and promote NAIDOC week and its objectives.  We’re also concurrently selling our RAP shirts with Paul Herzich’s artwork (proceeds go to implementation of the RAP) and promoting a survey to understand AILA members reconciliation awareness.

State Executive Committees and Presidents

Various state executive committees have gone through a re-election process. New committees have been formed and the AILA National Board look forward to working with these new teams on state priorities and objectives. 

Regional Membership Engagement

AILA National Board is strategically tackling Regional Membership Engagement. We are looking at resolving the possible disconnect with the wider membership body. AILA has energetic regional members living and working in regional locations across Australia contributing to the profession. We need to include these members, so they feel supported across all states and territories. 

National Committees

All National Committees are meeting regularly with the National Honours Committee is being reformed with revised terms. 


All states and territories except Western Australia and South Australia have had their awards, the standard of work in the 2019 to date has been extraordinary. AILA wishes to thank and acknowledge all the awards entrants for making the Juries jobs very difficult.

Indeed, the standard of landscape architectural knowledge be it through practice, research, or governance sets a very high bar nationally and internationally. 

We would like to extend our congratulations to all awardees and send thanks to all the entrants for your tireless efforts and diligence in providing innovation, leadership and inspiration.

The National Awards will be a must see, so don’t miss out on Thursday 10 October in Melbourne, at Regent Theatre’s iconic Plaza Ballroom (1929). 

The AILA 2019 International Festival of Landscape Architecture on 10-13 Oct 2019

Get your tickets! This years International Festival of Landscape Architecture in Melbourne has a full Agenda with the National Awards, Festival Opening Party and then 2 Day Conference. The creative directors have put together an exciting and engaging program that will ensure attendees are in ore and captivated with speakers and presentations. 

AILA Director 
Chris Tidswell