Registered Landscape Architect (Senior)

Consolidate your career as an AILA Registered Landscape Architect. Registration is available to qualified landscape architects and landscape design professionals with at least eight years’ experience.

Expand your network

  • attend state-based networking and events
  • go international, with automatic membership of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA)
  • engage with allied professions through membership of the Australian Council of Built Environment Design Professionals

See your talents recognised

  • enter AILA’s State and National Awards program
  • use the ‘AILA’ suffix after your name

Grow your business

  • receive both individual and practice profile on our website and access to post job vacancies

Improve your expertise

  • gain discounted access to workshops, seminars and online continued professional development
  • contribute to National Council or state and national committees
  • stay up-to-date with industry trends, insights, events and product discounts via national and state eNewsletters

Share your knowledge

  • contribute to online forums and eNewsletters
  • connect with the next generation through AILA’s Mentor Program

Who can apply?

Applications for Registered Landscape Architect (Senior) membership are invited from qualified landscape architects and landscape design professionals with at least eight years’ experience. Three are three categories of senior applications, all of which are applied for using the same form.

  1. Standard Senior Entry (with an Accredited Degree)
    Applicants hold an AILA accredited landscape architecture degree (or international equivalent), have not previously been an AILA Registered Member and have at least eight years’ experience. 

  2. Equivalence (with equivalent Qualifications/Experience)
    Professionals with recognised practice in landscape architecture with at least eight years’ experience, but do not possess a qualification from an AILA accredited tertiary course. The applicant, in most cases, would be required to have an equivalent level of university qualification. Read more.

  3. Full Member of an Overseas Institute
    Landscape architects who are 'full professional members' of their overseas institute. The relevant overseas institute should be a member of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA). 

If you have been a Registered Landscape Architect with AILA in the past and would like to re-join, you can apply as a Re-joining Member.


Tax deductable fees are due at the end of each financial year. On acceptance of the membership application, the fee will be calculated on a pro-rata rate based on the acceptance date.

Application fee: $220 inc GST

Annual fee: $620 inc GST

Fee will be refunded if application unsuccessful but will incur a $50 admin fee.

How to apply

Applications for registration are open year round.


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