Munro Martin Parklands

Project Name: Munro Martin Parklands

Practice Name: Andrew Prouse Landscape Architect 

    Project Address: Munro Martin, Cairns

    Munro Martin Parklands is Cairns’ oldest Gazetted park with a rich history as key gathering point. Cairns Council asked for a vision to transform the lately under-used park into a destination for locals and tourists alike, and to provide a unique venue for open air performances. With the new Performing Arts Centre under construction opposite it completes a flexible vibrant cultural hub.

    The resulting collaboration combined flamboyant botanical displays with an outdoor performance venue. 70 arbour frames provide the stage for 275 vines with a supporting cast of 63 new trees.

    The 10m high proscenium flourishes with various coloured vines, and a backdrop in the form of 6m tall curved gabion wall.

    The park lighting has three distinct functions:

    - provide a safe environment for the patrons,

    - enhance the structural elements within the park and to

    - provide accent lighting of the trees and green wall.

    General park lighting is from the perimeter of the main grass area to no obstructions to patron viewing while achieving lighting levels to P6. Main area lighting is dimmable during theatrical events. Pathways have been designed to P3 and modelled using AGI32 software.

    The lighting enhances the park at night to make it feel save to patrons without taking the focus away from the botanical feel of the space. The main Grass areas lighting used DALI dimming to provide controlled levels to paths with general areas have been left dim to help feature the trees and vines within the space.

    The white lighting consisted of warm (3000K) in the park and pathway area to provide a comfortable welcoming feeling. The up lighting of trees has been provided with DMX controlled RGBW uprights to provide some dynamic and interest within the space.

    Lighting is recessed in the ground or pathways to become invisible by day while the main area poles are along pathways to ensure the sightlines from the main grass area and viewing space are not obstructed.

    The stage area including the gabion wall are lit using up lighting to enhance the architecture and texture of the rocks while providing lighting for safe movement. Budd lighting accents trees while the colour lighting provides a dynamic with the continually changing colours.

    The control of the lighting for the multiple functions of the space provide some challenges. The lighting system has been designed to be fully controlled from a smart device or phone providing the operator with full flexibility and control. The park lighting is dynamic, with a Pharos unit providing the scene control while in normal night control mode, which can be changed from a central client server.

    The pole lighting through the park uses lens technology to ensure the light is delivered to where it is required. This ensured the levels could be minimised to achieve the required results and controlled or eliminated the amount of upward light. The uprights were also using lenses to ensure the light was projected onto the subject with as little as possible spilling into the night sky.

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