Palmwoods town centre Re-development

Project Name: Palmwoods town center Re-development

Practice Name: SMEC

    Project Address: Hill Street, Palmwoods

    Webb Australia were commissioned to provide the lighting design for the Avenue Trees.

    The concept behind the Lighting Renewal program was to provide flexible lighting arrangements using changeable coloured lights to support our many City partners with special events. The aim was a formal arrangement of uplights to the tree canopies in the Cultural Forecourt, which also has the flexibility of changed mood and theatrical effect using a wireless DMX system.

    The light fittings are designed to be as un-obtrusive as possible and integrate well with the existing lighting infrastructure in the Cultural Forecourt. The upgraded tree lights are mounted onto existing light-poles between the trees, which also support pedestrian down lights to the lawn and walkway.

    At night the new avenue lighting provides a more theatrical ambience, and provides a unifying effect to the Cultural Forecourt, using standard theme rolling colours. Just as important is the flexibility in creating effective themed lighting throughout the space in association with City partners.

    Innovatively, the lighting scheme utilised existing light posts removing the need for a greater lighting infrastructure footprint. Colour control throughout the entire courtyard allows the space to respond creatively as a whole.

    In regards to Dark Sky considerations, the lighting is in an inner city area with a lot of overspill from QPAC in particular. All lights were positioned to light the features only and to avoid overspill in to adjacent areas.

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