Railway Square

Project Name: Railway Square

Practice Name: Place Laboratory 

    Project Address: Midland Workshops, Midland

    Demonstrate that a professional lighting design was undertaken for this project?

    The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority engaged Engineering Technology Consultants (ETC) to work collaboratively with PLACE Laboratory to provide lighting and power design for the Railway Square. The design team worked together to develop a concept that seamlessly incorporates lighting into the landscape features to deliver a unique after dark experience to one of Perth’s most historic sites.

    What was the main design objective for the lighting scheme?

    Building upon the landscape concept, the lighting design narrative drew heavily from the site’s industrial heritage. The concept carefully balances the objectives of creating a unique nightscape which is safe and functional, entertaining, adaptable, and able to support community’s place activation vision of the Square well into the future.

    Demonstrate how lighting complements the design of the space by day?

    The lighting design process focused on the integration of lighting and electrical hardware across the Square so as not to distract from the landscape elements day or night. Where practical, luminaires are recessed into landscape furniture elements. Bespoke poles, designed to complement the industrial theme, discreetly house event power, luminaires and projectors, and even support vines growing up them. Pole and luminaire housings were coloured to blend in with their surroundings.

    Showcase how lighting enhances the use and experience of the space after dark?

    The project includes a range of innovative interpretive elements that bring the important history of this site to life. The design team worked carefully to develop site specific landscape features with integrated lighting that respected the industrial character of the workshop environs.

    The ‘Water Line’ is a misting and lighting feature set on the alignment of the former rail lines within the Shunting Yards. At nighttime the mist spray is enhanced by light to evoke the movement of the trains within the yards, creating a playful attraction and a unique experience

    Highlight lighting creativity, problem-solving and thinking-outside-the-box?

    The opportunity to design and develop unique lighting elements posed the greatest challenge but provided the greatest reward. The poles are designed to accommodate all the service elements including luminaires, gobo projectors, events power outlets, and the provision for smart technologies security/CCTV. Lighting for the ‘Water Line’ was incorporated into a modified inline drainage grate. The Water Line and Gobo lighting are programmed and sequenced to enhance the effect. ETC were proactive throughout the design process and undertook trialling of the lighting elements to achieve the desired effects.

    How did you take Dark Sky considerations (prevention of lighting pollution) into account for this project?

    Dark Sky and the prevention of lighting pollution was taken into consideration to minimise the impact of light spill on surrounding commercial and residential developments. Attention was given to the location of poles and luminaires to avoid the effects of obtrusive lighting on the adjacent apartments. Once pole locations were finalised a thorough review was undertaken to select the most appropriate luminaire. The review considered illumination intensity, optical distribution, glare and the ability for dimming via a lighting control system. A fully programmable lighting control system was implemented ensuring the required lighting levels are achieved while excessive/wasted light is kept to a minimum.

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