Rockhampton Riverside

Project Name: Rockhampton Riverside

Practice Name: Urbis

    Project Address:  Quay and Denham Street 

    Demonstrate that a professional lighting design was undertaken for this project?

    RIXONDESIGN is an independent Lighting Design practice. We explore the fundamental connections between technology and methods, the interaction of light and the built environment with people and their perception of spaces.

    Peter Rixon’s approach to lighting has been formed by his work in photography, engineering and theatre. The practice is supported by a team with experience in Theatre, Industrial Design, Animation, and Film.

    What was the main design objective for the lighting scheme?

    The Feature Lighting to Stage 1 and 2 was guided by:

    • Permanent and adjustable Lighting to support the design intentions of the proposed Streetscape and existing Heritage Architecture.
    • It avoided a prescriptive strategy where the result is fixed illumination as this can be uninspiring and repetitive.
    • It provided a dynamic strategy, one that renders designated elements of the Quay Street a flexible and endless canvas, capable of change and variations to reflect the character and moods of the street and its facades.

    Demonstrate how lighting complements the design of the space by day?

    The Feature Lighting is dynamic, vibrant and fun loving, one that contributes to a defined precinct with a distinctive culture. The lighting design has been expressed in several forms:

    • As a place of visual drama, excitement and safety.
    • As a Theatre, a Heritage Gallery and a point of the connection for the people of Rockhampton.

    Showcase how lighting enhances the use and experience of the space after dark?

    • While Quay Street is illuminated by street lighting to AS1158 and produces a code compliant light level on the road it does not express or support the strong visual language of the Heritage facades nor does it have any ability to change or redirect kinetic light across the two stages.
    • We have intentionally illuminated the vertical features of the facades to establish the various "Rooms" along Quay Street.

    Highlight lighting creativity, problem-solving and thinking-outside-the-box?

    • The moving lighting fittings can illuminate both the Stage 1 precincts and the Stage 2 Riverbank. By using the sloping riverbank context to allow the mounting height of the moving lighting to be fully exploited and extend the reach of the lighting at night thereby removing the need to a doubling up of lighting across the 2 Stages.
    • The 10m mounting height and location of the facade and moving feature lights on the upper level footpath enable ease of access for maintenance, location above flood level and by using robust fittings and cyclone rated canopies, the lighting was protected against flying branches and other debris.
    • The moving lights allow for movement of light and still image projection by using colour glass slides that fit within a rotating carousel within each fitting. This allows the various logos for seasonal activities such as the River Festival to be programmed and recalled as required.
    • The Facade wash lights can also be programmed to vary colour and intensity. Each building can be illuminated in turn and this can be programmed to change each evening.

    How did you take Dark Sky considerations (prevention of lighting pollution) into account for this project?

    All illumination is directed down from the 10m mounting height. We considered the requirements of CASA MOS139 he Manual of Standards Part 139—Aerodromes as Quay is on approach to Rockhampton Airport. This Lighting Design approach has proved to be very successful as there has not been any issue raised by CASA.

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