Tully Memorial Flood Markers

Project Name: Tully Memorial Flood Markers

Practice Name: Logan City Council

    Project Address: 

    Mount Lindesay Highway North Maclean

    Demonstrate that a professional lighting design was undertaken for this project?

    The lighting design was the result of collaboration between Logan City Council's Public Lighting Officer and industry specialists.

    A lighting design was completed, showing the lighting layout, the conduit layout and the cable sizing and solar array.

    What was the main design objective for the lighting scheme?

    Lighting has been incorporated into the flood markers with historic water levels represented by a red strip of light on each individual pole, and the year of each event illuminated above. The lighting enhances the concept of flood awareness by extending the drama of the floods beyond daylight.

    Demonstrate how lighting complements the design of the space by day?

    The lighting for the flood markers extend the experience and the understanding of the power of the floods. The markers stand as powerful beacons, reminders both day and night of the power of water. During the day the lighting sits within the markers, subtle marks of flood levels in contrast to the hours of darkness when they mark the sky, visible to all who pass by.

    Showcase how lighting enhances the use and experience of the space after dark?

    The lighting makes the flood markers visible to all who travel along the Mt Lindesay Highway, with the message of rising waters evident at all times. The red strip and the illuminated year are all that can be seen from a distance, creating a powerful image for passing motorists. Alongside the markers the illuminated sign boldly states "FLOOD".

    Highlight lighting creativity, problem-solving and thinking-outside-the-box?

    The use of lights indicate flood levels in a new and bold way, bringing awareness to the floods in the darkness .The lighting has been creatively incorporated into existing old timber beams.

    How did you take Dark Sky considerations (prevention of lighting pollution) into account for this project?

    The bright red stripes of lighting were made all the more powerful through the location in an area unpolluted by light. Not impacting on the dark skies, the lights stand all night as beacons - lighthouses to oncoming traffic.

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