UTS Alumni Green

Project Name: UTS Alumni Green

Practice Name: ASPECT Studios

Project Address: Jones St, University of Technology Sydney

Demonstrate that a professional lighting design was undertaken for this project?

The lighting scheme for UTS Alumni Green was designed by Steensen Varming and ASPECT Studios. The Garden lighting was manufactured by [undisclosed] and the structural engineer was Taylor Thomson Whitting.

What was the main design objective for the lighting scheme?

The UTS Alumni Green has to operate as a lively space both day and night. Circulation areas around the space are required to be adequately lit for safe pedestrian movement. The Garden was briefed as a lush, green space that could be used in the evenings for small to medium sized events in a gallery like way. The lighting in The Garden was therefore conceived by ASPECT Studios as a delicate overhead network of lanterns that would provide an atmospheric and playful lighting scheme.

Demonstrate how lighting complements the design of the space by day?

The custom lanterns in The Garden further reinforce the graphic overlays present throughout the paving and furniture, creating a welcoming space with beautiful fixtures that contribute to the character of the space both day and night.

Showcase how lighting enhances the use and experience of the space after dark?

As it is used throughout the year for events, the system needs to operate in a flexible manner, allowing certain sections of the space to be shut off for event lighting or dimmed for atmosphere. The Green and The Garden operate independently, allowing one section to be shut off or dimmed if required for events.

Highlight lighting creativity, problem-solving and thinking-outside-the-box?

As above, The Green and The Garden operate so that they may be dimmed or shut off separately. The lanterns in The Green were designed by ASPECT Studios as a bespoke fitting for the space that create a playful and garden lantern like character that is robust enough for the public domain.

How did you take Dark Sky considerations (prevention of lighting pollution) into account for this project?

No uplights were installed and the lights operate on a dimmable platform so that the amount of light in the space can be adjusted to suit time of day/events/safety.

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