Victor Harbour Mainstreet Precinct

Project Name: Victor Harbour Mainstreet Precinct

Practice Name: WAX Design

    Project Address: Ocean Street, Victor Harbour


    Design Statement:

    The centrepiece of the upgraded Victor Harbor Mainstreet Precinct in South Australia is a series of iconic customised poles and lighting that is designed to emulate the ribs of the Southern Right Whale. The lighting design and associated urban design for Ocean Street draw reference to the coastal town’s long-standing connection with the Southern Right Whale frequenting the waters of Encounter Bay.

    The original street constructed in the nineteen eighties was filled with reproduction gaslights and low sodium luminaires. The existing lighting did little to enhance the street. The lighting design, fabrication of custom poles and light fittings intentionally delivered a contemporary public realm that complemented the heritage character of the street.

    The lighting design needed to be contemporary without dominating the urban design and landscape architecture of the project. The refined design of the lights complements the new public realm without overpowering the original character of Ocean Street.

    The Victor Harbor Mainstreet Project has been a great success, and the integration of lighting as part of the mainstreet upgrade has brought a wonderful dynamic to the street. The lighting design has enhanced evening usage and encouraged pedestrian activity at night.

    The elegant form of the street lighting includes the floodlights mounted on the curved ‘whalebone’ poles, the functionality of the projector mounted on the rear of the poles and inground luminaires combine to create a safe, well-lit and inviting mainstreet.

    While Victor Harbor is not a Dark Sky signatory, the town’s regional location means that light pollution has a significant impact on the local environment. The use of luminaires that minimise light spill has reduced potential visual impacts and reduced any accumulative light spill effects that are produced by other lighting in the town.

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