Waterwalls in Celebration Precinct

Project Name: Waterwalls in Celebration Precinct

Practice Name: City Parklands P/L

    Project Address: Roma Street Parkland

    The decorative lighting of the iconic Roma Street Parkland Waterwalls and adjacent blade walls provide a visual lighting activation throughout the Celebration precinct within the lower parkland. The use of colored lighting across the 6 metre high granite rockface in both a static and water environment, creates a visual centerpiece for the parkland after dark, transferring the focus from the sub-tropical horticulture to its built form and water features, a key design element of the parkland.

    The lights are programmed to change colour in a prearranged sequence, or can be programmed to complement the citywide lighting program for special events and celebrations.

    Originally unlit or with a harsh white light, the Roma Street Parkland electrical and water services team have worked together over the past four years to create a truly stunning contemporary visual lighting display which ensures that the water feature icon by day is as effective and dramatic by night.

    The team had to consider the most effective lighting equipment that could withstand being fully submersed in water in addition to the chemicals used for ongoing water treatment as previous infrastructure had regularly failed.

    In addition, there was a requirement to highlight the individual features, whether it be the rockface, the flowing water or the imprinted patterns on the bladewall structures. Detailed assessment of the spacing also had to be undertaken to ensure even spread across the rockface.

    Working with a local Brisbane company, the project included a full redesign of the light placement and cabling with the installation of a full DMX RGB system for the purpose of colour changing to showcase the waterwalls. Close attention was paid to the optics of the lights with this selection creating a complete even graze across the waterwall face. With the correct light and optic, it added an extra depth and reality to the lighting, creating a striking visual effect.

    All existing fixtures were changed out from 150 watts lights to a 9 watt RGB fully submersible light in a sealed fixture. This gave us the ability to cycle and change light accordingly. The waterwall cascade and associated decorative lighting features are programmed to be turned off at 9pm.

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