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Webinars, presentations, videos and online courses may count towards your CPD program. The online learning opportunities listed below have been recommended by AILA members. Please send through recommendations to AILA's National Office.

AILA CPD Event Recordings

Video recordings of sessions from AILA CPD events around the country are available to view online. Please click on the relevant session title below to view.

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AILA and Brickworks invite you to their Landscape International Speaker Series featuring renowned landscape architect, Dirk Sijmons.
Title: Architectura + Natura = Landscape

Landscape as a mirror of society and as a living co-production between nature and humans has been a lifelong fascination. Which societal processes ranging from food production to urbanization can be enticed to act as positive formative forces in the landscape? What natural processes, ranging from erosion and sedimentation to succession, can be turned into nature-based solutions for human needs? How can urbanization be pacified with nature? And how might these processes be conquered by landscape architecture to give them a meaningful spatial expression? A wide range of – mainly large scale - H+N+S projects are touched upon in the lectures; from sound reduction around airports to water safety, and from urban landscapes to urban metabolism, from energy transition to agricultural development, all in dialogue with both land ecosystems and marine ecosystems.

AILA Queensland Building Industry Fairness Act 2017 Briefing

Join us for a presentation on potential impacts to issuing and managing landscape construction contracts under the Building Industry Fairness Act 2017. Brendan Bathersby, Partner at Garland Waddington Solicitors will provide a brief overview of the Building Industry Fairness Act (BIFA) and how it relates to Landscape Construction Projects. The BIFA is due to replace BCIPA at the end of this 2018 and will impact on payment timeframes, payment claims, create project bank accounts and potentially necessitate amendments to standard contract terms.

AILA Queensland Conversations with Elders

Join as we celebrate the launch of AILA’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in Queensland. Listen to the sharing of stories, wisdom and insights from two distinctive Elders of different cultural backgrounds and with diverse life experiences. Adj Assoc Prof Phil Heywood and Aunty Ruby Sims are acknowledged and awarded for their commitment and contributions to community, have relevant and informed perspectives, and a richness of dialogue that converges to allow deeper reflection and insight of the issues discussed.

The Use and Specification of Natural Sandstones

Join Gary Hargreaves from AILA partner Gosford Quarries to explore the history, variations and processes surrounding sandstone and its use in Sydney and wider Australia. Initially presented at a site tour event on Sydney's Central Coast in collaboration with AILA and Gosford Quarries, this presentation provides a detailed overview on sandstone and is extremely informative.

An Industry Guide to Integrating Surface Drainage into Pedestrian Friendly External Areas

As global climate change increases the challenges of surface water management, it grows ever more vital for landscape architects to understand effective stormwater management and our responsibilities towards delivering safe public spaces. Gain CPD points and take an expert look at managing surface water, regulations around this and best practice drainage design solutions in this informative webinar with drainage specialists and AILA Partner ACO.

Graham Fletcher: How to Start your own Landscape Architect Business

All new businesses have standard procedures for startup. It is important to know what these are, but it is also important to become a new business owner with your eyes open. This CPD event takes you through a checklist to enable you to understand the why, how, when and where of setting up a new landscape architecture business.

Connection to Country

NSW Event held at the Utzon Room, Opera House on Friday 16 June 2017.  Listen to extremely knowledgeable, passionate and influential speakers discuss their affiliation with our heritage to enrich how we work and live.

AILA NSW and Lawn Solutions Australia Celebrity Lawn Series – NSW Parliament House

On the 31st of March, 30 of us gathered on the roof top at NSW Parliament House to see one of NSW’s most prestigious buildings and hear about the site from different perspectives.

Fear in Public Spaces

This informative session discusses what we should be scared about in public spaces, what makes us fearful and why and how landscape architects can use this information to provide solutions to public safety. Hear from three professionals as they speak on their area of expertise before opening a panel discussion with questions from the audience.

Shaping the Built Environment of the 21st Century

This CPD event, sponsored by the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living, addresses the significant challenges faced by built environment professionals as we progress into the 21stCentury. The seminar takes the form of a series of presentations on research topics which will be of concern to Landscape Architects. 

Landscape Technical: Barangaroo - The Brief, The Challenges, The Solution

Maria Rigoli, Landscape Architect will provide an overview of how she led her team across the eminent project, Barangaroo in Sydney.

Landscape Technical: Lawn Selection & Ground Reinforcement

Everything you need to know about Lawn Selection, Ground Reinforcement and Water Sensitive Urban Design.

Truly Multi-Generational Public Spaces

During this first series of We Invite Mankind Outdoors podcasts, Lappset Australia will provide insights into why senior’s exercise matters and how it can work outdoors in various public spaces.


ACT Showcase: John Gollings Talk

World-renown photographer John Gollings will share insights into his landscape architecture work over the years, as he is featured in the Site Seeing: A decade of Australian landscape architecture through the lens exhibition in Canberra (2 April - 15 May 2015).

QLD Keeping It Local: Contemporary Placemaking

Multi-award winning landscape architects discuss how to bring community-based placemaking back into the language and practice of landscape architecture.

Landscape Technical: Lawn Selection & Ground Reinforcement
Landscape Technical: Lawn Selection & Ground Reinforcemen

Video recordings of sessions fromThis Public Lifethe 2015 Festival of Landscape Architecture. Please click on the relevant session title below to view.

Cost: Free for AILA members (you will need to sign in to your Member Profile for access). $30.00 including GST for non-members.

Video recordings of sessions fromThis Public Lifethe 2015 Festival of Landscape Architecture. Please click on the relevant session title below to view.

Cost: Free for AILA members (you will need to sign in to your Member Profile for access). $30.00 including GST for non-members.

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2015 Festival of Landscape Architecture videos
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