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News from AILA WA Executive 6/6/19 - Carl Thompson

Dear Readers,

Welcome to last E-News bulletin to be penned by me under my current term on the state Executive.  It has been a fantastic experience and one that I can highly commend to anyone thinking of being involved more substantively with AILA.

I have had the pleasure to serve with a great team of committed and talented executive colleagues, and would like to extend my admiration for Andrew Thomas, Melanie Bradley, Shea Hatch and Robyn Renton for their hard work, generosity and insight into a profession that continues to inspire and grow.  A particularly special thank you goes to Carmen Williams, our dedicated State Manager, whom I can assure everyone has been critical to everything we have achieved over the past two years.  Thank you all.

Unfortunately for me, I need to devote some of my time to non-AILA commitments, which is why I am stepping down from the team at this time.  The good news is that the next election for the new executive team is coming soon at the next Annual Chapter Meeting to be held on 2nd July at AECOM.  We have received a number of submissions from LA’s interested in joining the executive, so we encourage everyone who can make it to show up and support the great selection of candidates. Thanks to all the candidates for throwing their hats in the ring - I can assure them all it will be a rewarding experience.

The ACM will also be an opportunity for a sneak preview of this year’s Awards as anticipation and excitement build towards the main event to be held on the 26th July at The Camfield.  There have been 31 entries this year and as ever, it promises to be fantastic celebration of our work as a profession and great opportunity to mingle with similarly passionate peers.  Tickets will be on sale via the revamped AILA website tomorrow  - We look forward to seeing you there!  Did I say ‘revamped AILA website’ ? – yes I did, if you haven’t had a chance yet, please take a look and marvel in its radiant glory!

Before we do though, please be reminded that we have an Advocacy Meeting on the 11th June at The Standard in Northbridge.  One of the topics of discussion will be the Orrong Road proposal by Main Roads.

Finally, for anyone looking to engage with the future leaders of the profession, we will be manning a stall at the Perth College Careers Expo on the afternoon of the 17th June.  If you can offer up a couple of hours to engage and inspire the LA’s of the future, your enthusiastic presence would be most welcome – please advice Carmen if you would like to assist.

Best, Carl


News from AILA WA Executive 27/05/19 - Shea Hatch

Public open space is really what it says on the box, a place for the public, i.e. everyone.  But do we truly design for 'everyone'? A few years ago I was involved in a discussion with a disability advisory group about a public realm project.  To my complete embarrassment I only brought a projected presentation, which is not super helpful to the group members who were sight impaired.  For someone who works in a creative industry I could have thought a bit out of the box to help get our design intent across, now I know.  It can be hard to understand the perspective of those that are not our own.  There are a number of amazing consultants who continually assist in capacity building our industry to create more inclusive spaces, and of course the members of the public who so kindly give their time to educate us! 

However it is time for AILA and other professional networks to assist with some of that heavy lifting.  How do we do this?  As a start we can look to increasing diversity not only in our own industry but with our fellow consultants, supplier and contractor industries.  One initiative AILA WA are implementing, in line with our RAP deliverables, is the development of a contact list of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations looking for joint ventures and partnerships, or for pro bono support or secondment and community capacity building opportunities from AILA members.  I welcome any member, or non-member, to be a part of this process.  We will be meeting Thursday 6th June 7:30am at Gordon Street Garage to coordinate the development of the network and other RAP initiatives.  I hope to see you there.

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