ACT President's Message - 16 March 2015

Welcome to the first Autumn edition of our newsletter.

Over the last few weeks we have been very busy organising some CPD events, attending workshops and this week, preparing the AILA submission to the revised LDA plans for the Yarralumla Brickworks development. A special thankyou to those who have attended and contributed.

CPD events

We now have some excellent CPD events organised for you to attend over the next couple of months. Please refer to the calendar of events for dates, details and contacts.


Our registration applicants will be undertaking their workshops and interviews over the next couple of months. This year, Steve Kirsu will be running the workshop program and will be incorporating much of the NSW applicant’s experience into our local one. We are excited about this new direction for our ACT applicants and wish them well.

A reminder that it is a great time for anyone considering seeking registration to get in touch with us by emailing Grace on Normally the closing date is 28th Feb, but we are happy to extend that until the end of March. We can look after all the details for you and even if you don’t have a mentor, we can assist in finding one for you.

LDA Brickworks

Late last year the AILA ACT Chapter made a submission along with many other groups, to the LDA’s Canberra Brickworks + Environs (CB+E) Planning and Development Strategy 2014. Two weeks ago, the LDA presented their revised planning strategy at a stakeholder session we attended and whilst they took on board many of our suggestions from the last submission process, there have been some major changes to the revised plan and as such, we feel there are still significant concerns for the outcomes this project will produce. We will be making our submission this week.

City Plan and Northbourne Avenue Planning session

Recently I attended the City Plan Northbourne Avenue Urban Design Framework stakeholder workshop hosted by the ESDD, with facilitators Pegrum Judd and a presentations by Arup and Hassell. It was a really productive session, with the key aim for the collaborative workshops at an early stage in the project to ensure that key stakeholders had the opportunity to engage with one another to discuss their various views and ideas about the project and to assist the Government and consultant team to appreciate the core issues in the development of the CaNUDF framework.

We will be attending another design charrette session in April 10th to further develop our ideas.


There will be a meeting this Friday 20th March at the GAD to discuss the Basic Brief. RSVP by contacting If you are chasing details, please get in touch with the convenor Michael Reeves on 6285 1955, or email him on

Chapter elections

Just another reminder of our upcoming chapter elections which will be held in late May or early June, and so if you have ever thought of contributing – and being part of your chapter executive, nominations are now open. Nomination forms are available from the web or you can email Grace at, and have one sent to you. It is an enjoyable and rewarding experience and looks good on your CV, so maybe give it a go. The date will be published in the next newsletter.

Breakfast with the National President

Lastly, don’t forget ACT Chapter members have the opportunity to join us for a breakfast with the National President Mark Frisby next week, please let the National office know if you are attending by emailing

Amanda Evans

AILA ACT President

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