Graduate Membership

Accelerate your career. Membership available to recent graduates of landscape architecture.

Boost your knowledge

  • learn from online forums and eNewsletters
  • gain discounts to workshops, seminars and events


  • join AILA FRESH, AILA’s community of emerging landscape architects, for socialising with peers and prospective employers, job hunting tips, skill swaps, sharing resources, inspiration and ideas


  • attend state-based networking and events
  • go international, with automatic membership of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA)
  • engage with allied professions through membership of the Australian Council of Built Environment Design Professionals

Progress your career

  • start your pathway to becoming a Registered Landscape Architect and save $200 on the Registered Landscape Architect application fee
  • obtain graduate member profile on our website

Who can apply?

Applications are invited from graduates who have completed a landscape architecture university qualification in the past five years.


Tax deductible fees are due at the end of each financial year. On acceptance of the membership application, the fee will be calculated on a pro-rata rate based on the acceptance date. There are five levels of graduate fees available:

  • Year 1 Your first year after graduating $176 inc GST
  • Year 2 Your second year after graduating $235 inc GST
  • Year 3 Your third year after graduating $353 inc GST
  • Year 4 Your fourth year after graduating $470 inc GST
  • Year 5 Your fifth year after graduating, and beyond $588 inc GST
  • 5+ more than five years since graduating $588 inc GST

Payment will be due upon acceptance of application.

How to apply

Applications are open year round.


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