Memorial Corner

Project Name: Memorial Corner

Practice Name: City Parklands C/L

    Project Address: Parkland Boulevard

    Memorial Corner in the north-eastern corner of Roma Street Parkland houses four memorials to significant conflicts in Australia’s history. The intent of the lighting redesign by the in-house Roma Street Parkland electrical team, was to provide an overall calm, warm and inviting feeling to this reflective environment, whilst maintaining a safe and accessible space.

    With the design, it was important that the memorials were the focal point for this space and therefore minimal intrusive lighting infrastructure such as light poles were included. All infrastructure was designed to be either recessed into footpaths and/or garden beds.

    The installation of two new flagpoles, and the intent for the flags to be flown continuously, required them to be lit at night. This was achieved with an Inground uplighter which illuminated the flags with an even spread of warm soft light, placed to catch the flag when wind is prevalent. This effect creates a very warm and alive feeling to the area with the fully illuminated flags moving in the wind.

    The original lighting of the memorials were in-ground lights which illuminated the memorials with a blaze of light and focused on one aspect, rather than lighting up the complete monument. The new design illuminates the memorials with warm directional light to achieve a tranquil warm wash effect which highlights the architecture of the built form and supports the tranquil and reflective purpose of the space.

    With surrounding street lighting outside of the parkland boundary and the requirement to provide footpath lighting to Australian Standards, the challenge within this space was to create a warm, peaceful space by night highlighting the memorials. We believe that this has been achieved.

    The lighting was also required to create an entry statement after dark. By strategically placing in-grounds into the garden beds, the foliage of the commemorative planting projected patterns onto the feature walls and thereby created an effect only experienced in the evening.

    The lighting infrastructure used were led Wall Wash 8W uplighter and 12w Uplighter. By changing the lighting to be directional to the memorials, the design reduces the amount of light spill within the area. In addition, changes to the lighting infrastructure has dramatically decreased our carbon footprint through the reduction of energy usage from 350 watts to 80 Watts.

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