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Brisbane City Council Budget Announcement
AILA QLD has welcomed the recent budget announcements that demonstrate a commitment from BCC to a Greener, Liveable and Healthy City.

Landscape Architects and AILA look forward to working with Council on developing the living infrastructure throughout Brisbane over the following year. Click here for more information.

Tim Connor, North QLD Co-Chair - 5 June 2019
Winter has come to North Queensland - almost.

Whilst the rest of Australia is settling in for a long cold winter us North Queenslander's are settling into what is the most glorious weather of the year.

Our NQ members recently hosted a web conference with Queensland president David Uhlmann to catch up on all things AILA. Through the use of the wonders of the internet we had attendees from Cairns, Townsville and Mackay all join us for the briefing. We very much appreciate David giving up a Thursday evening to give us the briefing.

With the recent release of tickets for the 2019 International Festival of Landscape Architecture we are hoping that we can send a garrison of NQ members down to Melbourne to catch up on all things Landscape Architecture.

Please also see a below an event that may be of interest to you:  
Therapeutic Horticulture Australia is holding it's annual conference & workshops, Aloft Hotel, Perth

September Thursday 19th Workshops, Friday 20th Conference, Sunday 22nd Bus Trip (combined THA & AIH destinations)
followed by:
Australian Institute of Horticulture
Annual Conference & Awards Dinner, Aloft Hotel, Perth
September Saturday 21st Conference and Awards Dinner, Sunday 22nd Bus Trip (combined THA & AIH destinations)

In the meantime Andrew and I are looking forward to any other ideas for events and functions with our allied professions that our North Queensland contingent has for events moving forward.


Tim Connor

Georgina Scriha, National Manager - Events and Partners - 21 May 2019
In celebration of National Volunteer Week, I'd like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to our volunteers who contribute to the work of AILA. Your time is extremely valued by us and your dedication to the profession through committees, writing submissions, mentoring, speaking, interviewing, judging, event planning and more - never goes unnoticed. We can not do this without you.

I would also like the opportunity to introduce your new Qld Chapter Manager, Melanie West.  Melanie can be contacted at melanie.west@aila.org.au or on 0417 666 622 and will be available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Melanie has started this week and Tannelle and I have been busy training her in all things AILA.  Thanks to members for their well wishes as I move into the National Manager - Events and Partner.  It's been great working with you all and I'll see you around!    



Jamie Franklin, AILA QLD Vice President - 9 April 2019

Too often in local government and private industry Landscape Architects are brought in too late to advocate for good design decisions. How often are LA’s asked to design sub-divisions or medium density alongside engineers and planners? We can offer so much more at the beginning of the process with the knowledge that retention of significant stands of vegetation, views or other valuable landscape assets would add so much more to the economics and social well-being of new neighbourhoods. The current formula of sprawling green-field sub-divisions is not the answer nor is the more recent trend of smaller block sub-divisions without space for significant trees in the back yard or streetscape.….. so what is the solution?

I know, I know, I’m not saying anything new but we do need to advocate for our own worth as LA’s in these decisions – we need a place at the table early on. It poses the question, what is the role of AILA in supporting Council’s planning departments to achieve better design and liveability outcomes across Australia? Maybe, Roderick Simpson’s ‘Starting with Landscape’ report presented to the Parliamentary Friendship Group for Better Cities which raises a different formula to planned sub-divisions, is a good starting point for future discussions. The key message is that we need to consider landscape first.

Currently, Sunshine Coast Council and Brisbane City Council are preparing design strategies seeking to influence future design in their regions. In the Sunshine Coast’s case consistent feedback from key stakeholders and the community has raised that the landscape and the ‘green backdrop’ is the key value to the Sunshine Coast area to retain and build upon. Also, QDesign and Better Placed have recently been released by the QLD and NSW Governments advocating for better design outcomes. Whilst overseas in the UK, the Design Council recently updated ‘The Design Economy 2018’ pushing the agenda that holistic good design is good for business. 

As the fourth industrial revolution takes hold, the value of good (or place relevant) design is becoming globally recognised as a vital tool to retain our liveability and environment. As custodians of the environment, Landscape Architects need to be standing in the front line of the design professions.

Jamie Franklin

Vice-President AILA QLD

David Roberts, AILA QLD Advocacy Committee Chair - 25 March 2019

With a busy start to 2019, the AILA Advocacy Group QLD has started the year off well engaging with numerous Authorities and connecting with key decision makers within government organisations.

There are many changes occurring across the state, including some significant projects underway, so ensuring our message is loud and clear assists in getting landscape issues in front of the right people making the big decisions.

As mentioned before - The AILA National advocacy goal is “to ensure landscape architecture gains and retains a position of primary focus for policy makers, agencies, allied professions and the greater community.”

It is great to see numerous strategies and plans coming from all levels of government organisations that promote healthy living. If you have kids like I do, you understand that time in the great outdoors is under threat by indoor online activities instead. Getting all of us ‘off the couch’ is something as landscape architects, we need to be innovative about when designing outdoor space, as we are up against a formidable enemy ‘the internet’.

One such strategy is DTMR’s Queensland Walking Strategy, which is a fantastic step in the right direction! As already mentioned by Suzie, the AILA advocacy group QLD has responded to DTMR and I encourage you to now review the huge number of walking images and comments on the Queensland Walking Strategy Ideas Wall.

Click the link below:


A project gaining plenty of airtime is Brisbane City Council’s Mount Coot-tha Zip Line project. After AILA’s submission to BCC, we were invited to meet with the BCC Zip Line team, and it was great to hear directly from them about the inner details of this project located in a sensitive environment which is clearly part of the community’s concerns.

With so much going on in the State – it is difficult to ensure our voice reaches all decision makers, so we all have a role to play in our daily interactions with clients, other consultants and government agencies to promote good landscape principles and get others thinking about the landscape as a priority instead of a last-minute thought.

It continues to amaze me the huge variety of opportunities for this unique profession and the broader scope, we as landscape architects get involved in - providing a valuable perspective on the communities we live in.

A 2019 aim for the AILA Advocacy Group QLD is to make our voice even louder. Getting more opportunities to sit face to face with the decision makers of this State to ensure that the right decisions are made, including protection of our valuable landscape environments, planning liveable communities for people and thinking about the landscape for future generations is a priority.

Over the next few months we will be continuing to address issues including:

  • protection of Victoria Park - Brisbane;
  • protecting significant trees in the landscape in urban environments;
  • persisting with certification issues and compliance.

So stay tuned.

If you have comments or concerns about any future projects or projects in progress and believe AILA should be addressing them, email your thoughts through to AILA QLD as we would love to hear from you.


David Roberts


Suzie Rawlinson, AILA QLD Regional Landscapes Group Chair - 12 March 2019

The AILA Queensland Regional Landscapes Working Group (RLWG), which I chair, have been active over the past quarter with some new members joining our group and new projects on our agenda.

I recently attended the AILA National Practice Committee meeting where it was agreed that the Guidance Note for Landscape and Visual Assessment (GNLVA) should be adopted as a national document. This is exciting news for those of us involved in Landscape and Visual Assessment and working across Australia. I have begun the process of engaging with our colleagues interstate to make the necessary adjustments so that this can happen. The GNLVA will provide Landscape Architects with a single source of guidance for terminology and quality, providing a context for the wide range of location specific guidance currently available. This is a great achievement for our group, who are leading the way for the institute in this area. I will keep you all posted on our progress. You will find a copy of the GNLVA by clicking here. 

The RLWG are providing a team to participate in the upcoming review of the Queensland National Parks and Wildlie Service facilities manual. This is a fantastic opportunity for our members to influence the development of an important technical document that will be used by designers working on recreation facilities within National Parks across the State. Our team will draw upon our appreciation of the diversity of landscapes across Queensland and bring our passion for protecting and enhancing landscape character and managing visual impact to this process.

I would also like to mention the amazing work being done by the AILA Queensland Advocacy Committee on our members behalf. I encourage you all to follow the work of this committee who have been busy providing feedback to Government on issues and strategies which relate to the work of Landscape Architects and affect the liveability of our state and cities. Recently this included a response to the Queensland Walking Strategy 2019 – 2029.

As Landscape Architects we all strongly believe that walkability is not just as a mode of transport but crucial to address issues of health, obesity, air quality, and town and city planning. AILA’s response to this policy can be found here.

The AILA Queensland Awards are now open for entries. I encourage everyone to enter the awards, as it is a fantastic opportunity to share and celebrate our work. As a previous juror, I have been fortunate enough to see this diversity and the high calibre of projects first hand. I particularly encourage entries from our regional members and members working in the regions.

If you are interested in learning more about the work of AILA Queensland’s Advocacy committee or the Regional Landscapes Working Group, we always welcome new members. Please email us on qld@aila.org.au

We would also welcome any suggestions for future projects which support our work in promoting best practice in landscape planning and management throughout Queensland.


Suzie Rawlinson

David Uhlmann, AILA QLD President - 1 March 2019

Hello AILA Queensland Members,

It has been a busy start to the year for Qld Exec and the state committees with a number of important initiatives continuing to be actively pursued.

Late last year we commenced practice visits, which are a Q&A session over morning tea or lunch with a member of State Exec and our Queensland Chapter Manager Georgie. The first sessions have been well received and beneficial both for State Exec to hear what practices would like AILA to be doing for them, and for Landscape Architects to hear directly what State Exec is doing, often behind the scenes, for the profession and for Landscape Architects practicing in Queensland. If your office is interested in having a session please contact Georgie and we will arrange a suitable day and time.

There has also been increased focus on advocacy for the profession recently, particularly given recent discussions with QBCC surrounding licencing and recognition of the profession. We have aligned with the Australian Institute of Architects in taking this issue to the State Government as the AIA are having similar issues with QBCC’s interpretation of licencing requirements. Both AIA and AILA have been advised that the Minister’s office is actively looking at our issues with QBCC and we will be attending a meeting with the Minister once they have investigated the relevant legal issues. We have also put the whole issue of registration and protection of the “Landscape Architect” title on the National Board agenda, so that we can provide consistent approach nationwide in lobbying government for recognition of Landscape Architects and the Registered Landscape Architect scheme.

We are also coming up to re-nomination time for positions on State Exec which is due for a refresh in June this year. If you are interested in joining State Exec from June this year please contact Georgie or myself. If the number of nominations exceed the maximum quantity of 8 members, the exec positions will be decided by a state-wide election. Please do not be discouraged from expressing interest if you are a regional member – it is important that State Exec reflects the many and varied types of LA practice state-wide. Also please do not be discouraged if you have never been involved with AILA exec or committees before – new faces and new ideas are always welcome and necessary to ensure a vibrant and active State Exec.

Awards time is also coming soon - entries are open so please consider submitting your projects! We have selected a fantastic jury and have confirmed an exciting new venue for this year’s awards – we will announce details soon!

Also – just a reminder about AILA’s new “Member” category. This category sits in between Graduate Member and Registered LA, and is intended for Landscape Architects with 5 years or more post grad experience but who are not yet ready to undertake the RLA. Applications for this category can be taken at any time so please contact Georgie if you are interested in signing up. 

Finally, please keep an eye out for our events as they appear in our State newsletters – they are always a good opportunity to learn and to catch-up up with colleagues. We are also actively cross-promoting our events with AIA, PIA and other aligned organizations in an attempt to broaden our audience and spread the word on the fantastic work Landscape Architects are doing. We have also negotiated member rates for some of their events as well if you are interested in attending.

Thanks all and best wishes for a successful 2019! 


David Uhlmann

Paul Stein, AILA QLD Small Business Network Co-Chair - 12 February 2019

The AILA Small Business Network continues to develop support for single to small practices in Brisbane. Collaboration with AILDM puts Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers together to share knowledge and skills, and brings like-minded people together as a sounding board for ideas and problems. Our network of Landscape Architects can use this forum as an informal means to meet and socialize. 

Keep your eye out on our events page for another Book Club event. This is an informal networking opportunity, centred around the shared experience of reading an industry-related book.


  • To create dialogue between practitioners in subject areas on the edge of practice
  • To continue the festival theme of ‘the expanding field’
  • Raise awareness of the Small Business Network (host)

This year’s focus will be monthly casual catch-ups for coffee breaks and after-work drinks (and maybe progress to dinner) to keep the mood light. Table talk about the joys and troubles of small business life; advice, laughs, product debate, fav plant species, sharing our knowledge. Each time, an new café/bar is chosen for the event location, a chance to see new architecture, street design, or taste the establishments specialties.
More ‘member tours’ to come, of completed/currently-constructed projects to visit and discuss. This is a chance to talk about the project in detail, including the design, the process, the construction and the maintenance (and everything in-between). So here is a call to members to show off your favourite design. 

Look out for this month’s location for our catch up…….



Andrew Prowse, North Queensland Co-Chair - 28 January 2019

Local horticulturist & landscape designer, Kim Morris has recently passed away from cancer earlier this month. Kim was well known & respected in the landscape & horticultural profession in far north and western Queensland. He was a past president of the Australian Institute of Horticulture, wrote a weekend gardening page in the Cairns Post for the last 17 years and had a radio garden segment Garden Chat on Saturday's mornings ABC Far North 106.76FM. His celebration of life was held at the Cairns Chinese Friendship Garden at Cairns Regional Council's Centenary Lakes which he designed in collaboration with myself.

There are some interesting landscape themed exhibitions currently on or on in next month in Cairns & Brisbane. These include:

Cairns Regional Gallery, Shields Street, Cairns City
Goobalathaldin Dick Roughsey -Stories of this Land
The first major retrospective of this major indigenous artist with evocative landscapes of north Queensland & the islands
On till Sunday February 10th
Mitchell Burns - A Panoramic Vision
Exhibition of panoramic landscapes by a north Queensland photographer
On from Friday 1st November to Sunday 24th February

Onespace Gallery, 13a Gladestone Road, Highgate Hill,
Nicola Moss - Greenspace
Horticultural, garden & landscape themed exhibition by Gold Coast based artist exploring varied roles greenery in inner-city areas.
Saturday 2nd February to Saturday 2nd March


Andrew Prowse

Building Industry Fairness Reforms - Progress Payments, Adjudication and Subcontractors’ Charges

On 10 November 2017, the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (BIF Act) introduced a suite of reforms to ensure Queenslander's who work in our building and construction industry are paid for the work they do. On 11 September 2018, amendments to clarify some of the provisions under these reforms commenced. Reforms relating to progress payments, adjudication and subcontractors’ charges will commence on 17 December 2018.

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