Principal Purpose

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects Ltd (AILA) is a company limited by guarantee formed for the benefit of the public by the promotion of the stated Objects of the Company and through the coordination and sponsorship of events, ventures and endeavours in Australia in order to achieve the stated Objects of the AILA.

Objects of the Company

  • Facilitate the exchange of knowledge and information influencing the practice of the profession;
  • Represent the professional views of its members;
  • Influence government policy and legislation in the interests of its members and the profession;
  • Promote and co-ordinate public and stakeholder confidence in the profession;
  • Establish and maintain high professional standards for its members
  • Provide for, review and/or otherwise help facilitate appropriate educational courses and activities;
  • Deliver accountability and good corporate governance of the Institute; and
  • Otherwise advance the professional interests of Members.

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) leads a dynamic and respected profession: creating great places to support healthy communities and a sustainable planet.

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) is a company limited by guarantee formed for the benefit of the public by the promotion of the stated objects of the company. Read the constitutional objects of the company in our Governance


Who we are and what we do

AILA is the peak body for Landscape Architecture in Australia. Read our Strategic Plan in our Governance

AILA champions quality design for public open spaces, stronger communities, and greater environmental stewardship.

We provide our members with training, recognition, and a community of practice to share knowledge, ideas, and action.

AILA is governed by an elected board of directors which is supported by a network of state chapter executives and committees on topics of strategic importance.

AILA operates nationally through a skilled workforce located around Australia, with a registered business address in Canberra.

With our members, we anticipate and develop a leading position on issues of concern in Landscape Architecture.

Alongside government and allied professions, we work to improve the design, planning and management of the natural and built environment.

In operation since 1966, AILA represents over 2,500 members Australia wide and promotes excellence in planning and designing for life outdoors.

Committed to designing better places, Australian landscape architects have the skills and expertise to improve the nation’s liveability through integrated nature-based solutions delivering better environmental, social, and economic outcomes for all Australians.

AILA’s national position statements on Green Infrastructure, Climate Positive Design, Child Friendly Cities, Healthy Communities and Active Travel examine how an integrated approach can be used to shape the health and wellbeing of communities.

Landscape architects plays a central role in developing and implementing these strategies.

Our members are distributed across Australia and range from sole traders to large internationally recognised practices, and are embedded within local and state government creating significant and profound community impact at a variety of scales.

AILA focuses on the design, delivery, and management of:

1. Quality Public Places

Examples include:
Southbank Parklands, QLD; Sydney Park and Darling Quarter, NSW; Royal Botanical Gardens Victoria – Cranbourne Gardens, VIC; Pelzer Park/ Pityarilla (Park 19) Activity Hub, SA; Elizabeth Quay and Scarborough Foreshore, WA; and many more Australia-wide.

2. Stronger Communities

Through public open space networks, parks, sporting complexes.

3. Environmental Stewardship

Through ecological restoration (flood, fire, weeds and contaminated waterways).

As landscape architects, we resolve to protect and sustain our landscapes. We affirm that self-sustaining landscapes are essential to our planet by placing a high value on the protection of living landscapes and taking a thoughtful approach to their change. We resolve to restore damaged landscapes to health. We recognise each landscape is best cared for by the community as a whole. We work to reveal the value of each landscape to all parties so that they can work in its best interests. We work collaboratively with the community and with other professionals to ensure the best outcome for each place.