News from NSW President -Tanya Wood

Tanya Wood

NSW President



29 November 2022

The familiar race to the end of year is upon us. The NSW Executive has been reflecting upon the last 12 months and how inspiring our many face-to-face events have been. The membership recently celebrated our AILA NSW Christmas Party on Thursday 17th November at Henleys Bar, Cockle Bay. As we have celebrated our projects earlier in the year, we thought it imperative to celebrate our membership. Three new Fellows were honoured, Elke Haege Thorvaldson, Mark Tyrrell and Lindy Lean

We also acknowledged and celebrated Nell Rickard. Nell received a Fellowship in the early 90’s, however at the time was not appropriately honoured. A wonderful moment to invite Nell to the stage and hear her inspiring words. Due to covid restrictions last year we were not able to celebrate our 2021 Fellow recipient Martin O’Dea. Martin was also recognised with the National President Award from Claire Martin. A well-deserved, two-tiered night of accolades for Martin. 39 new Registered Landscape Architects were announced, this strong number of new RLA’s reflects the direction in which our NSW chapter is headed – onwards and upwards. A wonderful and inspiring night, please do view the event photographs  here.

Earlier in the month Jason Cuffe and I meet with the Shadow Minister for Infrastructure along with AIA and Engineers Australia. The intent of this built environment professionals meeting was to discuss the potential capping of daily rates for government work. Many issues were raised and noted including the crude manner in which the daily rate was calculated and not looking at procurement methods nor complexities to the type of work. Other issues raised include the rates were below cost of average working rates, the process itself was disappointing as there was no ability for us to give feedback and whilst the intent of streamlining the process has some positives it is highly possible a less desirable project outcome will ensue as the LA with the skilled expertise in the area may not be attracted. Understanding the complexity, individual professions, the size of the project and the budget must be accounted for – multibillion-dollar projects vs a 5 million dollar project demand different skill sets. Jason and I also emphasised to government our profession as landscape architects should not now, nor in the future be continued to be bundled up with our architect colleagues. We are our own profession with our own registration process, and it is vital our profession is recognised, understood and respected.

Tessa and I attended the Parks for People breakfast at Parliament House this month. Along with Fiona Morrison, Minister Anthony Roberts and a room full of landscape architects, the morning was a celebration of the program and an interesting discussion of process, successes and constraints. Our executive members Cate Wallace and David Moir were on the panel and the morning was insightful. 

AILA NSW has been given the privilege of announcing the Barangaroo Harbour Park Design Competition (Stage 1). EOI open next week.

Further events include the Urban Design Awards this Wednesday, Bondi Pavillion Tour and drinks 8th Dec, and to finish off the year our regional Green Detox Salon and Christmas Party 9th Dec in Newcastle.

Finally, a welcome to our new AILA Fresh team. We look forward to working with you over your two-year term and welcome your leadership. 

Tanya Wood
AILA NSW President