14 December 2022

Well, congratulations everyone for making it to the end of another big year. It was great to see so many people out to celebrate at the AILA Queensland Christmas party. It was certainly a night for celebrations with the announcement of our new RLAs, awarding of the 2022 Karl Langer recipient and honouring our three new Follow members.

Congratulations to all the Karl Langer nominees, but a massive congrats to Marina Couchman for being awarded the 2022 Karl Langer prize. Our profession is certainly in good hands with this cohort of students entering our industry. I was particularly excited to see Jamie Franklin, Suzie Rawlinson and David Ulman being awarded AILA Fellowships. Every one of our new Fellows has given so much to our profession and has worked tirelessly serving all of us through AILA, so well deserved. You can view the photos from the event here

So, as we wrap up those final reports, sign off on those final drawings, and plan for a new year of great work in 2023, I would like to pause and say thank you. Thank you to Tessa and the rest of the AILA Queensland Executive and thank you to the members of the various sub-committees and advisory groups, without all of you we would have no AILA. Thank you for the countless volunteer hours and sacrifices you give, all so AILA and our members can thrive and do what we do as Landscape Architects. Thank you to Mel and the rest of the AILA staff for always being there for us and thank you to all of you, our amazing AILA members who share in a greater cause to make positive change in our world.

We have some big things happening next year, so enjoy the break, freshen up and strap in for 2023. 

Happy holidays everyone!

Wishing you all a restful and safe break,

David Hatherly, AILA QLD Industry Advisory Committee Chair

A message from David Hatherly