AILA Director Candidates 2022

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) is a Company Limited by Guarantee, and is governed by an elected board of directors, chosen by full members of AILA. Directors are elected for two-year terms on a split basis. In 2022 AILA has three (3) director vacancies on the board available for election. AILA has received seven (7) nominations for the three vacancies.


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AILA Director Elections 2022 voting

Monday 12 September 2022
Closed: Monday 19 September 2022

If you are eligible to vote, you will receive an OpaVote email, to your nominated AILA member account email on Monday 12 September 2022. If you believe there has been an error and you did not receive a link, please contact [email protected]

Andy Sharp

Landscape Architects are instrumental in solving global environmental and urbanisation issues. However, as a member-based organisation, AILA must do more to represent those landscape architects that choose to work for government, not for profits and those on the client side. The work of landscape architects is not just about winning awards, but rather about the deep thinking that’s required to develop projects, establish the briefs, and commission private practices to solve those problems. I believe AILA should be doing more to work with the hundreds of LA’s across government and client-side sectors to strengthen our profession. This is my mandate.

Ashley Sheldrick

I am seeking nomination to continue the work of the current AILA directors, committees and working groups. 

I have been actively involved in AILA for over 15 years, serving on the Victorian State Executive and being an AILA Director in 2015 and 2016. I am currently the Chair of the National Membership Committee and part of the CPD Working Group. 

My focus will be strategic leadership to develop new registration and CPD programs that embeds AILAs strategic values, grows the profile of AILA and the profession and strengthens links between allied professional bodies and international landscape institutions.

Jasmine Ong

A senior executive with 20 years’ experience in the UK and Australia, in both government and private sectors. Highly regarded in the industry through her role as Director of Martha Schwartz Partners and Studio Director of Aspect Studios (current). 

Drawing from her global experience to influence the profession, Jasmine is a strong proponent of AILA's strategic values, championing climate positive design, gender equity and Connection to Country by driving a best practice culture, knowledge sharing and thought leadership. As part of the AILA Board since 2020, her continued involvement brings stability and focus to drive impactful outcomes for the profession.

Katie Earle

Katie Earle is a Registered Landscape Architect and Associate Director at McGregor Coxall. She is a driven leader with a passion for providing a safe and inclusive environment, to deliver design excellence in Landscape Architecture.
Katie currently holds positions on the AILA NSW Chapter State Executive Committee and the AILA ShadeSmart Working Group and served a term on the AILA NSW Advocacy Committee.
Key focus areas for Katie should she be elected, will be to continue to deliver on AILA’s Strategic Plan, to increase the growth and efficacy around AILA membership, as well as delivering on the AILA Operational Structure.

Michael Wright

Michael Wright has been a company director at rush\wright associates for the last 23 years. He is keen to bring this experience to a position of service on the AILA Board. He is well-known for his interests in design, publications, writing and public debate, and is currently completing a law degree at RMIT for continuing professional development. In a Board role he hopes to explore how the AILA might foster a renewed focus on planting design and knowledge of plants, both in the schools and in professional practice. 

Michael is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

Miriam Shevland

I am director of a small private practice and passionate about the profession especially in the area of advocacy for the next generation. As a board member of Dark Sky Tasmania I also actively promote and raise awareness of dark skies. I regularly work on pro bono projects in disadvantaged areas to ensure healthy, well designed spaces are accessible to all, with a focus on safe and playful spaces for youth. Having represented Aila at a state level for 6 years I would love the opportunity to work at a National level to continue to advocate for the profession.

Nelson Jeffrey

In our rapidly deteriorating natural world, we need to unite with no holds barred against impending ecological & geo-political collapse. I intend to subvert the profit-driven capitalist paradigm defining our collective mindset. Although the task may seem insurmountable, history indicates the belief in one’s intent provides the ability to establish its outcome. As a martyr, speaking with frank & furious intent, my actions will be in opposition of totalitarian values. It is my pledge to act with unwavering fortuity, in strength through humility & as a representative of the voiceless in the dual interest of AILA & the global community.

Overview of Governance Documentation

Read all the relevant documentation on the Governance page.

A Charter For Australian Landscape Architects
AILA Advocacy Submission and Representations Policy
AILA Constitution
AILA Expenses and Complimentary Policy
Code of Professional Conduct
Complaint Handling and Dispute Resolution Policy
Conduct of State Chapters
Conflict of Interest Policy
Delegations Policy
IFLA Asia Pacific Region’s Landscape Charter
Members Representing AILA on external forums
National Council Charter
New Program Development
Position Descriptions for the AILA Board
Risk Management Policy






Today Interested members review the relevant documents in the AILA Governance page
Wednesday, 20 July 2022 Interested members can review the Member Connect presentation
Monday, 5 September 2022 Nominees complete the nomination form
Friday, 9 September 2022 Candidate profiles will be made available on the AILA website
Monday, 12 September 2022 Full members receive electronic ballot
Monday, 19 September 2022 Voting Platform closes
Thursday, 6 October 2022 Elected Candidates announced
Wednesday, 12 October 2022 
First meeting of new Board BM175
Thursday, 3 November 2022  Elected Candidates confirmed at AILA AGM


In relation to their duties, Directors shall be and are required to:

  • act in good faith, in the best interest of the Company and for a proper purpose;
  • not improperly use their position to gain advantage for themselves or someone else or cause detriment to the corporation;
  • not improperly use information [obtained as a Director] to gain advantage for themselves or someone else or cause detriment to the corporation;
  • give other Directors notice of a material personal interest in a matter that relates to the affairs of the Company pursuant to Article 13.6;
  • use reasonable care and diligence in the exercise of their powers;
  • monitor and understand the financial position to ensure the maintenance of proper financial records and statutory financial reporting and that the Company does not trade while insolvent.
  • and any other relevant and applicable duty set out in the Act, this Constitution or the law.

Directors are elected and appointed as individuals and are not elected or appointed as representatives of any specific interests and must act for the benefit of the Company as a whole, and not in the interests of other bodies or persons and not allow personal interests, or the interest of any associated persons, to conflict with the interests of the Company.

The Company intends that the Board to the extent possible, includes Directors that have:

  • a wide geographical coverage of Australia; and
  • a mix of skills and attributes, as prescribed by the Board from time to time, that are commensurate with those expected of a person to adequately govern an entity of similar size and complexity and to fulfil the duties pursuant to 13.1(g);

Governance documents

All of AILA's governance documentation can be found on the Governance page:

  • AILA Constitution
  • AILA Strategic Plan
  • All AILA Policies